Monday, March 8, 2010

family pictures

NO fingerprint appointment AGAIN in the mail today.. Sigh... another day of handing it over to the Lord.

Here's some rare family pictures....


  1. I caught your blog from over at Molly's (no boyfriend, no baby, no blog)- and am so excited that you're bringing Aaron home!! He's going to fit into your family perfectly with the same blue eyes that your boys have. What a special memory you are creating for all 5 of you- changing several lives! Have patience...

  2. We were at this point just a couple of months ago, waiting anxiously for our appointment letters! Now we're waiting for our USCIS approval to arrive. So much hurry up & wait in adoption. This is our second time around so we should be familiar with the waiting, but I'm still just as impatient as ever! Prayers that your appointment notices will come soon!


  3. I just love your blog! Maybe if you decide to adopt again, you can move to a different state, so it doesn't take so long! :-)

    It is hard to get family pics with two boys both over ten?!? Imagine what it would be like to get a family pic with 5 kids, 4 under 10!!! :-)

    I am praying that you get your appt. set up soon!



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