Wednesday, April 7, 2010


The good news - the lady at the immigration office DID respond to my e-mail. 

The bad news - though SHE gave us an earlier date for our fingerprint appointment... this was NOT communicated to whomever pulls files..
       So... our file sat, waiting for the original fingerprint appointment date (March 29) and THEN it was pulled.  This means that we lost what we were supposed to have gained by an earlier appointment!  In my e-mail back, I told my dear immigration lady that I would be PRAYING for her to process our paperwork faster (move it up the line).  Please pray that God will move her heart.  If she doesn't move it up the line our paperwork will not even be reviewed for another 3 weeks.  It could be another several weeks after that before we are issued the 171h and if they want more documents... it could take longer still ... I'm definitely bummed! Please Pray! 

Please pray that we can get to Aaron soon!

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  1. That is so incredibly FRUSTRATING! I've found that the hard part about USCIS is that we have very little personal contact and NO way to tell a supervisor or complain when they do an incompetent job. Like when they say they will send a request for more info, don't do it, and then go on vacation!!!!! I'm so with you right now on the frustrations and I'm so sorry! I'm praying for you right now!


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