Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Continuing with the no news story

I just got off the phone with the Congressman's office.  I'm convinced his secretary thinks I'm a raving lunatic.  She was totally unfazed by my pleading.  She didn't feel that Aaron's case needed more than what she has already done (made an inquiry a week ago without hearing anything).  She agreed that Virginia is the slowest state and seemed to shrug her shoulders at the thought.  What can I do?  She didn't want to 'bother' the immigration worker too much for fear that our file would be rejected.  Talk about scary!  I'm on my knees.  My fear level has risen ten-fold.   Please pray!

On another note - I have had some fun responses concerning who was praying for Aaron before we found out about him.  One response sent me on a chase.... one of the pictures taken of Aaron was placed in a newsletter back in August 2009.  You can find Aaron sitting in a bumbo seat here on page 4 of the newsletter (it takes a bit to load so be patient).  I totally went nuts.  We have that picture but had no idea when it was taken.  So I am trying to hunt down the photographer.  If anyone has more info... please let me know!!  We would love to talk to a person who has actually seen our little guy!

Please keep the stories coming!  We are saving them - We want to know who was praying for Aaron and why!!  It is such an encouragement as we wait, pray and plead.


  1. I have the picture dated as June 2009. I will send you more info about the photographer.

  2. Okay, striking out with the congressman. How about your 2 state senators? That's who was next on my list and I was calling them the next day, when my approval finally arrived.

  3. Hi, I've never commented before but i've been following your blog. I live in Argentina and I've been praying for Aaron since a couple of months before you decided to adopt him. I found his picture while I was looking information about arthrogryposis (I study medicine) and I fell in love with his sweet smile. I continue to pray for him and your family.


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