Thursday, April 29, 2010

So much..

So much in my head. 
It's been a wild 24 hours. 
The fear that we would be rejected, followed by the ultimate high of finding out we were approved. 

 The shock of having my computer crash and burn.  Ouch!  Watching my dear Rob jury-rigging it late into the night after a long grueling day at work.  Fortunately, after some tense hours, everything I have been slaving on for the last 3 years saved to Elijah's laptop.  

Off to the local Community College today to register Ben for college classes.  Scary thoughts.  He's too young. I'm not ready.

Last night  someone put on my Facebook that we could be in Aaron's country within six weeks.  Oh my goodness! How overwhelmingly wonderful is that thought?? 

So much to do.  
Aaron's room to paint, a house to clean, a massive amount of writing to do for the new Medieval book, preparations to make. 
The list goes on...and on... and on...
Laying in bed this morning long before I needed to be awake, praying.  Thinking.  Grateful.  Trying to trust.

So much in my head..... 

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  1. Medieval book? I'm interested! Is it for homeschooling, if so what grade?


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