Thursday, June 24, 2010


     Today I feel very old.  Ben has his learner's permit.  I'm a bit in shock.   

     You would think with all my expertize at paperwork stuff after navigating through this adoption that I would have quickly and professionally helped my dear son get his learner's permit without incident... Not so!  We arrived yesterday at the DMV only to discover that we needed a BIRTH CERTIFICATE.  Not an issue if you only live 5 minutes from the DMV but definitely a headache if you live a lot farther than that!  So back this morning we went WITH THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE and the first question out of the attendant's mouth was 'May I see your Social Security card....'  ?????  Double goof.  Fortunately they only needed the number so I called my dear, dependable Dad to go run over to our house, dig out the file and read off Ben's number!  Honestly, what would I do without Dad next door???  

     So my happy son has a piece of paper that says he can drive and Rob and I are looking at each other wondering where the time has gone.



  1. Congratulations Ben!!! And you have successfully made your mom feel old by making this great milestone. You should feel proud!

    You guys are getting so close, I know that it must be getting more and more difficult to sleep at night.(for both the driving AND the adoption! HA!)

  2. I actually thought about that! I figured people stopped in your town. hehe


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