Wednesday, July 7, 2010


     We leave on Saturday!  In Three Days!!  I finally have started to pack.  More like making piles, putting stuff in suitcases and then taking it all out again.  This is going to take awhile! 

     One of our BIG prayer requests has had to do with what we are doing with my dear sweet Ben.  He's staying behind until his big swim meet is over and then he will fly out to us/me.  The plans have been very loose (drives me up the wall) but this week we have had some pieces fall into place which makes me very grateful indeed.  Rob's 20 year old nephew, Spencer, is going to come down and spend the first two weeks with Ben to keep him company and to give me some peace of mind!  Spencer is an awesome choice for us.  He's just a great, all-around Godly young man!  It is a real answer to prayer.  Dad is going to still oversee Ben's schedule and they will figure out meals together but it should be a bit easier for everyone to have another person helping.  Ben is looking forward to time with his cousin!

      Flying Ben out has been the second loose end but this morning that piece may have fallen into place.  Another wonderful Reece's Rainbow family has offered to have him fly alongside them on July 31st.  Ben swims July 30th so he would be able to get his swims in before flying out.  We are arranging tenative tickets for him before we leave.  Praying hard that all will fall into place with those plans.

     Financially, we are just trusting God.  Though we are short some funds, we rest in His promise that He is going to carry us through.  Dad is going to mat and frame Aaron's puzzle for us after we leave so that we can add names of those who still want to help "Love Aaron Home"!!   The pieces all have names on them, but Dad will be putting the extra names on the mat board.  It's been an amazing project.  I look at the 500+ names displayed on that puzzle and I see an amazing testimony of how the Holy Spirit has moved and worked in this adoption. 
     This adoption has truly been the work of God's hand.   We are just vessels He has been using for His glory!  We give Him all the praise and honor.  In a few short days we step into the unknown.  How grateful I am to know that we do not go alone.   We are blessed beyond measure.  We have a whole host of family and friends standing behind us, praying, encouraging and cheering us on.  We have a God who loves and cares for us.  We have a great team of facilitators who are going to meet us on the other side.  Finally, we have the amazing realization that across the globe, a little boy waits, longs and hopes for someone to love him.   We are coming soon, Aaron.  Soon.


  1. Julia, it is Cathy from Saving Marina...Can you email me at I have an idea...but not posting it here, would rather write you:)

  2. As I'm celebrating my graduation on Saturday (grad party. not the actual graduation) You'll be celebrating your own new beginning on a plane to EE! I am hoping to donate after the party/I get my paycheck. Love you all SO MUCH! Thank you for being the answer to my prayers

  3. Wow, Julia! I guess I have not seen you on the pool deck for a while (although Ben is always there) I did not know you were leaving this soon! The last time I talked to you, the fingerprint issue had just been solved so things must have finally moved quickly. God bless you all on your journey! We are looking forward to seeing your little boy at the pool.
    Laurie Hynes (and Brian and Kate)

  4. Yeah! We'r eexcited for your family! We will be a week behind you (we leave July 17th!) Hope packing goes well for you and that all those loose ends come together.
    love, the Adamsons

  5. In tears here - happy tears for all of you! I'm so very excited for you that you will soon be meeting and holding and loving on Aaron! Praying for you as you work out the details the last several days and as you travel.


  6. Julia, Be safe in your travels. Ben is always welcome here, and we will do what we can to get him where he needs to be. I hope to chat before you leave, but know how busy you are. We're thinking about you and praying for you and can't wait to hear updates!


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