Saturday, September 18, 2010

Clothing Advisory

  A bunch of nonsense from Rob and Julia...

Guess who accompanied us for a while to the internat this morning???

   What do you do for three hours a day every day for weeks and weeks on end with one little six year old boy?  You take an empty Pringles can and bring it with you to the internat.  Then you take the bag of little dogs that you brought from home (compliments of a yard sale) and you let one six year old boy discover the joy of putting his dogs into the can. 

Dressing Your Child in Eastern Europe: A Temperature Guide

95° and above: underwear or shorts and light cap
90°-94°: shorts or long pants, shirt and light cap
80°-89°: long underwear (tights), long pants, undershirt, long sleeved flannel shirt and light cap
70°-79°: tights, long wool pants, undershirt, long sleeved flannel shirt, sweater and winter hat
60°-69°: tights, long wool pants, undershirt, long sleeved flannel shirt, sweater, jacket and winter hat
50°-59°: tights, long wool pants, snow pants, undershirt, long sleeved flannel shirt, sweater, winter coat, winter hat and gloves
Below 50°: What in the world are you doing outside?

This policy will be strictly enforced by stern internat staff. NO EXCEPTIONS! And no kidding.




The pictures do not do justice to the trash issue in this village.  Because we are the only foreigners to walk these streets, we take pictures with great caution.  No such thing as point and shoot.  Rather we are forced to aim the camera from waist level, pretending we are not pushing the button. 


  1. Don't remember the Indian since we didn't have TV or films growing up .. . .but my parents were DEATH on littering, and God forbid we'd have EVER even THOUGHT about littering! We grew up knowing that the "whole world is NOT your trashcan"--and spent many an hour picking trash up out of the ditches along the roads in our very poor tiny, two-bit abandoned coal-mine town in the poorest county of WVA. We were taught to live respectfully and respectably even if no one else did. Didn't matter--trash belonged in the trash barrel--not out elsewhere. Glass pop bottles if unbroken were turned in to the grocery store so we had some spending money. Trash was brought home to burn.

    And LOL on your commentary of clothing and temps--I think that sounds about right on. ;-) Except in Russia (Siberia) where we adopted our Dd from--they would send them out to play even with the temps at around 20 below zero--but bundled up so much they could hardly move! You could barely see their little eyes even!

  2. I live in Canada- We had the Indian commercial here. Is Aaron leaving the orphanage(institution?) on the 20th? You must be so excited!

  3. The Indian made me cry! I would NEVER dream of littering. It worked!

  4. Oh, I so remember the indian, and I thought of him many times while in Eastern Europe myself last year. I, too, took many sneaky pictures of the trash everywhere. And the dogs...every where they dogs.

  5. Oh yes, we watched Schoolhouse rock and Indian here too!! I remember my mom saying to me in almost a matter of fact kind of way...."if you drop that on the ground WHO will pick it up" No one should have to clean up after us...we need to clean up after ourselves. To this day, I can't imagine dropping anything on the ground and I cringe when I am driving and someone throws something out the window. Like WHO is going to pick that up!!! Don't even get me started on the people who drop cigarettes on the ground!! Gross!

  6. I remember the Indian! I loved that commercial when I was a kid! My dad one time threw some garbage out the car window and I had a fit. I told him it makes the Indian cry when he does things like that! The Indian had an impact on me...I don't litter :)

    Praying for all of you. Not an easy journey you are on, but it is nearing the end. Soon you will be home with all three of your sons eating really yummy food! You're almost there! Keep tying a knot at the end of your rope and hang on....God's got you!

  7. Your temperature guide cracks me up---but right on!!! What a riot! Praying you home!!!

  8. I remember the Indian and his tear. He would be crying his eyes out at the sight of all that trash. Littering is a pet peeve of mine and does not happen on my watch!! I am so excited your journey is almost over and you will all be home in VA together at last. My daughter leaves in 2 weeks to get her precious girl in Aaron's birth country. I hope you will keep us in your prayers as I will be joining her for the 10 day waiting period. A little nervous, but trusting God to keep us safe.

  9. I remember the Indian. :) And I remember Smokey The Bear!
    In the Spring, all garbage from the winter is gathered up with leaves and everything is burned in piles, and there are fires ALL OVER the place. We watched as an apple orchard burned down! Our driver didn't think it was a big deal. Ehhh and he waved his hand like "no biggie, happens all the time". LOL
    No fire trucks anywere, just old ladies with matches and rakes.

    It appears the garbage problem in Kharkiv area isn't solved yet. 4 years ago there was a stand off between the garbage folks and the customers. The garbage folks said the customers didn't pay. The customers said they won't pay anymore until the garbage is picked up. We literally had a mound of garbage behind our apartment as TALL as the first floor of the apartment! Our friend is in Kharkiv right now, and she is at the same orphanage our daughter's were at. The picture showed PILES of garbage. Nothing changes. :) I think the Indian would need two tears for Ukraine.

    September 18, 2010 4:35 PM

  10. Yes, I do remember the Indian - only vaguely though. We're watching Schoolhouse Rock on DVD now and love it! :-) Praying for you all!

  11. I vaguely remember the Indian, now that you mention it. I have always been against littering, and that must be why! lol


  12. I remember the Indian! And schoolhouse rock... and Bugs Bunny on Saturday mornings!

  13. I can still see the tear running down it the indian's face. We are all excited about the adoption finally coming through.
    Praying for all of you,
    Diane and the rest of the Reynolds

  14. I also remember the Indian, it made me so sad!! But it also taught me (along with my parents) NOT to litter!

  15. You are SO right. About the dress code and the need for the Cosack. I do believe there is also a need to apply the "Don't litter" policy to the dog and cat population. Where is the International SPCA Mission Organization?

  16. Totally remember him, but "give a hoot, don't pollute," was the PSA that really stuck in my mind.

  17. Don't remember the Indian (didn't have television until high school though)...but I LOVED your break down of the clothing rules and oh how true that is!! I would show up to Patrick's last year in light pants and a tank top and the child would have tights and sweat pants on with a t shirt and sweatshirt on, and of course the ever present hat. I would be sweating, so I KNOW he was DYING under all those layers!

  18. We are praying for your family. I am so inspired reading your blog.Praying for my husband to want to take that leap of faith and rescue a child(ren). I remember the Indian! And "Help Woodsie spread the word...dont be a dirty bird!" Remember Woodsie the Owl??

  19. The Indian made me cry too. I am soooo happy for you all!!! I can not wait to meet Aaron. Winter swim posted registration today. We are looking forward to getting back int he pool. We miss all of our swim friends...Margie...

  20. Yes,I remember the Indian, school house rock, the "give a hoot don't pollute" owl and Mcgruff the crime dog. We are enjoying watching the school house rock shows with our kids now. They are amazed when I know all the words to a particular song. "You can remember the words from that long ago, Mom? Gotta love it. We are praying for all of you at home and in EE.


  21. I would have never remembered the Indian again if you hadn't of brought him up! thanks for the memory jog!
    It makes me sweat to see Aaron in those clothes! I wonder if he will feel like he's freezing when he gets here?
    Bless you guys...we are praying, Monday is almost here!
    Melody Wright

  22. Oh yes - we remember the Indian!!

  23. The clothing guide cracks me up. Our Russian 8 year old, home a little over a year will shiver in 85 degree weather, I'm not kidding. She gets cold so easy. I thought she would have adjusted more by now, but no such luck, maybe we should dress her like she got dressed in Russia!

  24. Oh yes, I remember the Indian. And I remember the Owl who said, "Give a hoot! Don't pollute!"

    I recently went to Jordan and Egypt and was shocked by the amount of litter and filth on the sides of the roads. It was horrific. I heard someone in Jordan say that "God made the wind so all the trash will blow to Syria." Ouch.


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