Thursday, October 7, 2010


I've struggled since I have been home. We saw so much.  We left behind so many.  I'll be honest - I haven't found my voice yet.  I haven't figured out how to put into words what we saw, what we felt.  I've been praying and I know that eventually I will be able to put into words what is deep in my heart.  There are two boys that make my heart bleed each time I remember them.  But my thoughts can't seem to make it onto paper.  Until they do, I am choosing to be silent about Aaron's institute and the boys there.  For now I am praying, considering and waiting for the right words and the right time.

But this little one can't wait.  She is running out of time.  She was transferred a year ago.  Just like Aaron she is stuck in a mental institute.  Like Aaron, no one has ever adopted from her institute.  Unlike Aaron, she doesn't have a family pursuing her, and unlike Aaron, she can't walk so she lays in her crib day after lonely day. 

Her crime - she has cerebal palsy. 

She needs a family. 

Two weeks ago, Stephanie Nance (a fellow RR friend whom Rob and I met in Aaron's country) contacted me about Tori.  God had laid Tori on her heart and she was trying to be obedient to that call.  She asked me if  I would stand with her and help raise money and awareness for this precious child in order to encourage a family to step up and bring this child home.  I agreed but told her it would have to be on my timetable as I wanted the right words to say.  I haven't found them.  All I do is cry.  But precious Tori is running out of time. 

She needs a family. 

God didn't just lay Tori on Stephanie's heart.  At the same time that Stephanie was beginning to advocate for this little lost girl stuck in a crib so far away, another lady, unknown to Stephanie, also began to advocate FOR THE SAME CHILD.

That completely blows me away.

Though this little girl is stuck in a crib in an institute that is cut off from the outside world, she has not been forgotten.  The King of Kings and Lord of Lords has stirred in the hearts of two separate women, at the same time, to advocate for His precious treasure.  How can we not respond?  I can't wait for the perfect words.  This little girl needs a family.  She needs a family brave enough to cross the ocean and wade through unknown waters to rescue a little girl from an institute that until now is sitting in darkness. 

Only one family has been called to bring this little one home.  The rest of us - we are called to support, pray and give.  One of the biggest obstacles for those struggling with the decision to adopt is money.  It is an expensive process.  Most people do not have 25,000 dollars sitting around in their bank accounts.   Sadly, money becomes the deciding factor for many who would love to welcome the 'least of these' home.  That is a big part of Reece's Rainbow's ministry.  To open accounts for the individual children and provide grant money to help families bring these children home.  It is a beautiful ministry.  Advocating for children without voices.  Providing funds to keep the special needs children from slipping through the cracks. 

Tori needs money in her fund.  She needs money so that the family that God has called will not stumble when they see how much it will cost to ransom this precious little one from a place of no return.  We gave to Tori.  We took the leftover money from Aaron and placed it in her account.  Please consider giving too.  It doesn't matter how much.  The vast majority of the money given to us to cover our adoption of Aaron came in increments of 25.00 and less.  Yet each gift, each little bit, added up.  Whether it is $5.00 or $25.00, please consider putting it into Tori's account.  And pray.  Pray that a family will heed God's call and step forward. 

Tori desperately needs a family.

God is moving in hearts for this one little forgotten girl.  As in Aaron's case, if Tori is saved, then the institute where she is living will then be open.  Other children may find their way out of darkness.  I still have no words for Aaron's institute and the boys we left behind.  But I do know that God's plans are bigger than just these two little children. 

Tori and Aaron are just the tip of the iceberg. 

For those asking how to donate to Tori's fund - you can use the chip-in at the top of our page or you can connect to Tori through Reece's Rainbow - she is the second one down the page - follow this LINK.. Make sure you designate Tori as the child for whom the donation is intended.  PLEASE DONATE!  Every single dollar helps!


  1. Julia... those were the perfect words.

  2. Julia,

    God has put little Tori in my heart too. Could you please e-mail me privately? I am so glad you have Aaron home at last.


  3. Your words were perfect. I am praying for Tori. Tears will come and go for those left behind for the rest of your life. When I asked God to break my heart as His heart is broken. I never realized the pain until I went to China the first time and it's even stronger after the second. Your tears will turn to actin and He will use you again to help those precious souls across the ocean. God bless you! Amy

  4. That was well said. I also now understand why God allowed all of the frustrations you encountered during the final phase of your adoption of Aaron. You are the experts on institutional adoptions, where they have never been done before. I knew that you were leading the way, but I had no idea that your chance to share would come so quickly to help a little girl named Tori. I'm so proud of you and all you went through. These children are worth it!

  5. I just donated..wish it could have been all the money Tori needs to bring her home! Bless you for this post!

  6. O my goodness! I weep for Tori and celebrate for her! I am a university student who first visited RR 2.5 years ago and Tori was the first little face that nudged my heart! I cried when I found out she had been transferred a year ago. Now I celebrate that she has voices to speak for her! I can contribute with prayer and love! Thank you so much for this post! And God Bless you and your family.

  7. I just donated on the RR site for Tori, I'm so glad people are advocating for her. While we raise money are there perhaps more ways to share her story, that precious face, with more potential families? I just imagine she is well known in the Reeces community... perhaps we could share her on more lists, forums, websites, other forms of media?

  8. I am so heartened to read that you think God is involved in this as well. AND that you adopted Aaron from an institution--and he is growing and becoming a real blessing in your family. God bless you! Let's keep the faith for Tori!


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