Thursday, October 14, 2010

Update on Tori

Tori's numbers are going up.  Thank you to everyone who has donated for precious Tori.  Every single 5.00 bill helps.  Between what is in the Chip-in above and what is in her grant at Reece's Rainbow she has close to 3,000.00. 

Please pray that a family will step forward and bring this child home.  Just yesterday the news of the death of one of the children on the Reese's Rainbow site rocked everyone's world (picture to the right).  It hurts to see these children die without a family.  Precious Anne Marie died.  In an orphanage.  Alone.  She needed surgeries that they refused to give her because she was deemed without value.  So she died. 

Tori needs a family soon. 
She sits in a crib day after day.  The chances of surviving long in that condition are not good.  So please donate if you have not donated and pray that God will raise up a family willing to cross the ocean to take this child home.  Below is a short description about precious Tori.

This little angel can just light up a room with her smile and her giggle. She is constantly happy, very alert and playful, and is an orphanage favorite. We are waiting for some new photos of her, but she is registered and available to be adopted now! She has had surgery for her spinal hernia (not spina bifida), but it was unsuccessful in her country. She is not able to pull up or stand/walk on her own. We hope she would have much better chances of correction here in the US, but we will not have any x-rays or other records available prior to your trip to share with a doctor for review. She has decompensated hydrocephaly as well.

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