Sunday, November 14, 2010

An Overdue Post

     Our trip to get Aaron was SUPPOSED to happen from July to August.  Rob, Elijah and I were going first and after court Rob and Elijah were going to come home.  Then Ben would fly out to help me bring Aaron home.  The best laid plans came to a crashing halt when we were sent home after two weeks in the country. 

     Four long weeks went by before we could go back.  Unfortunately, we could no longer take the boys because of school.  (Though I homeschool they do take classes).  So.... We decided to leave them home - alone - we thought it would only be for a few weeks.  I was going to leave after court and Rob would bring Aaron home.    Again, the best laid plans just didn't work as we planned. 

     Rob and I ended up being in the country for almost 6 weeks.  The boys ended up being home during that time.  Two boys - in a house alone.  They had schoolwork and outside activities to occupy them for the most part, but in reality - they were bored and lonely.  It was hard.  Especially for Elijah.  He wasn't allowed to use power tools (seriously) which really was a major hardship for him.  So he read a ton of books (this is not a hardship for him - Elijah ALWAYS has a book in his hand) and he spent hours creating a Lego creation to represent the LEAST FAVORITE part of his journey to Aaron's country... the Airport! 

Here it is - in ALL its splendor.  It has NOT been taken apart since we have been home.  It sits in a place of honor on our kitchen table. 

The parking garage

 Entering the Airport

The ticket counter

Going through security

Waiting for the plane.

Walking down the ramp to the plane.

Loading up the luggage.

On the airplane.  Note the not so roomy seats.  Note too the bathroom in the back. LOL!

From Germany to Aaron's country.  Note the MUCH smaller airplane. 

Coming Home!


  1. That is incredibly impressive! He is so an architect in the making!

  2. Absolutely WOW!!!!!!! I am amazed at the detail!!! Years ago, I had a good friend who's husband was an architect with a major firm here in Minneapolis, that designs some of the most incredible skyscrapers in the world. In one very large area of their building was a grown-up lego land. (We have Lego Land at the Mall of America here in MN) On their breaks, some of the designers could often be found just playing with the legos. It was during that creative free play that they came up with some of their best ideas. I bet you could design an awesome airport!

  3. VERY COOL!!! I can't wait to get home and show my other son! He'll be very impressed!! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I'm impressed they were able to take care of themselves for all that time! I'm leaving my 2 older teens alone for a week- and now feel more comfortable that a 16 and almost 19 year old will be fine. Thanks!

  5. Very talented! What's this about power tools?

  6. SOOOO FUNNNNN!! : )

  7. That is amazing!!! He should enter it in the Lego magazine/website contests. He could win some money with that creation!

  8. This is amazing! Quite a talent he has!!! You should be proud!!!!


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