Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Note to self:  When Aaron has red eyes, is irritable and cool to the touch - check his temperature!!

Poor little guy.  After I dosed him up with Advil last night and his fever had gone back down, he walked into the kitchen, shook his little head and in part Ukrainian, part English and part sign-language told me that his head didn't hurt anymore. 


  1. give him a kiss from us... hope he feels better soon.

    Love wins,

  2. Awwww... I hope he feels better soon Julia!!

  3. I'm rejoicing that now he has a mommy, daddy and brothers who care when he is sick!! I'm glad he told you what was up and that you got it!! May the Lord quickly bring healing and use even this to bring healing to his heart! Our God is a Redeemer of all things - May He keep giving you pictures of what He is up to...
    Praying for families for the lost boys and girls...
    Lots of love from the far side of the sea! : )

  4. He looks so pitiful, bet it broke your heart. But so happy he had a Mommy to cuddle him and give him medicine. In the desky dom I'm sure he would have been confined to a tiny room all by himself. Praise God


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