Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tree Fun

Sunday afternoon - on our do NOTHING afternoon - we decorated our Christmas tree.

The lights....

The ornaments....

The angel....

The football game.....

Ooopps... When the Cowboys are playing - this is one son who is not too interested in putting ornaments on the Christmas tree...

That's okay... the little guy will make up for his older brother's less than enthusiastic participation in the affair!


P.S. - For all those who have asked... Yes my oldest is a Cowboys fan.  I have NO idea how that happened.  I was born and raised a Redskin and will be loyal to my team till death.  As any good Redskin fan knows, the Cowboys are our arch rivals.  No way would I EVER raise a Cowboy.  Somehow though, despite all my best efforts, my son strayed from his mother's good teaching.  He fell in love with the blue and gray team.  I tried with all my being to change his mind.  Nothing worked.  Finally, I gave in.  He gets to love the Cowboys.  An uneasy peace reigns now in our house, only broken on days when the two teams face each other.  The love of the boy over the love of the team!


  1. Aaron looks so cute in his Christmas sweater :)

  2. Beautiful tree! Did Aaron get a haircut? He looks different and even cuter!

  3. I was about to say I was glad that I am not the only one late getting the tree up, but I guess I'm still days behind you. This weekend for sure though... not sure when, but it HAS to be this weekend!

  4. How I just love those photos of Aaron hanging the ornaments. So precious!

  5. Aww...don't feel too bad. Even perfect parents have rebellious children at times. :)

    The photo of Aaron hanging the ornament with his feet is precious! I just love it. And I love you!!

  6. What did the littlest one think of a tree INDOORS?

  7. We are, of course, Patriots fans up here in Maine. My precious son has somehow become a NY Jets fan. We can live with it just as long as he doesn't start rooting for the Yankees!

  8. What great shots of Aaron decorating the tree with his feet. He truly is "fearfully and wonderfully made".

    At our house, if any of my kids roots against Penn State or the Eagles then they just don't eat that day. ha ha! OK, I'm kidding but they know not to mess with my PA teams! I made the concession of switching my allegiance from the Flyers to the Carolina Hurricanes so I guess there's always room for compromise in families.

  9. omg, the haircut. so precious!!! We have to talk visit soon.

  10. The team wins. Ben, you're toast!

  11. Don't worry, I too was born and raised in Northern Virginia, so I've been a Skins fan all my life. My whole family are Redskins fans, except for my twin brother!! He too, (maybe he drank the same water as your son?) somehow became a Cowboys fan. We try not to hold it against him, that is unless they are playing each other!

    Great post, I love reading your blog. Your family's story is an amazing story of kindness and compassion. I wish everyone would take the time this holiday season to help someone not as fortunate.

    Merry Christmas to you, and your family,

    Chris Jones

  12. I LOVE the ornaments at the bottom of the tree!


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