Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Giving and Dentists

I hate asking for money.  I would rather go to the dentist than ask for money.  Know this about me - I hate dentists.  Oops....I shouldn't say that because the dear ladies in our dental office read this blog (sorry), but I have to be honest. 

Okay - I'll state it in a more appropriate manner....

I dislike greatly the dentist chair, but I dislike even more asking for people to open their wallets.  I'd rather get people moving, doing, praying, going, adopting, etc.  I would rather stir the masses to action.  I would much rather drag a team of people across the ocean with me to minister to the Lost Boys than ask people to donate to them.  But the reality - the thousands of dollars it would cost to take a team over to minister is not really good stewardship.  It isn't.  That is not to say that mission teams are not worthwhile but if you really want to be honest - The best, most productive and effective ministry is done by the people who live in that country.  Truth.   And the greatest help we can offer is to support them in prayer and giving. 

So here I am... asking for money.  Doing what I dislike greatly.  But it is for a worthy cause.

This past week I have heard from quite a number of people who have encountered Alyona and Slavik.  Wow!  God hand-picked two amazing people to visit the Lost Boys.  The more I hear about them, the more impressed and excited I am about what they are doing over there.  Their ministries are vast. 

One of their ministries is to an institute that is similar to the Lost Boys except it is filled with very Lost Girls.  My heart is broken to discover that the director at that institute refuses to allow any of the girls to be adopted from there.  I just can't get my head around that reality.  Exiled for Life.

They also minister to the numerous orphanages and internats in their region.  Many of the children in these places are Reece's Rainbow children waiting to be adopted.  How cool is that thought?  They are loving on our babies! 

They are ministering in the prisons.  Sadly, when the children age out of the orphanages, unless they receive assistance from a church ministry or other organization, many of the girls end up in prostitution rings and the boys end up in jail. It is another very sad reality. Alyona and Slavik visit 50 of these boys in prison. Those boys have no heat and very little clothing and food. They go into that prison, sharing Christ and taking the boys clothes, food, soap and other items they so desperately need. To these boys and to so many more, they are truly being the hands and feet of Christ.

The list of what they do is endless.  It includes clown ministries, summer camps, facilitating mission trips (yes, you can go and serve with them) and more.

One Christian organization that is also doing a mighty work in that region is Harvest International.  They also work in the orphanages, internats and institutes.  They have a house in that region that provides a place for the boys who age out of the orphanage to go to learn a trade.  It is called the House of Hope.  How appropriate. 

Harvest International has a good working relationship with Alyona and Slavik and when I spoke to the director this week they willingly and openly vouched for Alyona and Slavik's ministry and integrity.  Alyona serves as their translator and they both give assistance to Harvest International's ministries in that part of the country.  Because of their relationship, Harvest International is more than willing to accept donations on Alyona and Slavik's behalf. All the money donated, minus the credit card fees, will go directly to Alyona and Slavik.  You have two ways that you can pay through Harvest International - by check or credit card.  Either way, check or credit card - you need to specifically state that the money is going to Slavik and Alyona.  Please don't leave this part off your donation!  The link for Harvest International is HERE and also on the sidebar. 

After looking into options for getting donations to Alyona and Slavik - Harvest International was by far the best option since they already had a working relationship with them.   Please consider making a donation - large or small.  Alyona and Slavik are already stretched financially as the need over there is great.  I desperately want them to continue to visit the Lost Boys.  They need short term and long term donations.  Please, if you are part of a church looking to support a hands-on, desperately needy ministry - this is worthy of your consideration. 

Keep checking out Cindy's blog - She is sharing stories about these people... Go read and enjoy!


  1. Thanks so much for this info. I'll definitely be sending money to them. It breaks my heart about the kinda wonder what's going on behind closed doors, don't you. Hugs

  2. Thank you so much for working out an easy way to get money to them! The work they do is amazing!

  3. Have you any good ideas for advocating/contributing to Reece's Rainbow in general? I have posted about them on my blog and facebook account, and am planning to donate all my birthday money to them and then somehow raise as much more as is needed to reach 200 dollars. Do you have any tips for selling on ebay, or other ideas? By the way I am not quite 18.

    Thank you so much!



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