Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Kiss Mama

A year ago just a picture - this week - a kiss. 

I've showered him with kisses.  Every single day - every time I come close to his cute little face.  "Mamas kiss their boys."  That is what I tell him.  They just do.  You can scoot away - wipe it off - duck - holler - run - but Mamas kiss their boys.  It's in their job description.  It is how God designed them.  Ben and Elijah know this to be true.  And as well-trained children of this Mama - they give them back too.  How precious to me that my dear Ben, who is a head taller than his little Mama will bend down and kiss me - in public - without shame.  And Elijah.  He showers me - daily - with kisses and hugs.  I love it.  Despite being teenagers.  They know how to love.

He's watched - his big brothers - Aaron has watched.  He watches as I kiss them - love on them.  He sees them receive it.  With joy.  He sees them drop their arms around my shoulders.  Hug me.  Their little Mama.  He sees them lean into me and kiss me on the cheeks.  He's watched.  He's learned from them volumes about love.

This week - he kissed.  I wasn't expecting it.   I was tucking him in bed, showering him with the usual amount of kisses all over his cute little face.  When I finished he lifted his little face up to mine and puckered his lips.  I thought he wanted more kisses so I again showered him.  Nope.  Shook his head.  He tried again, puckering his lips to me.  I thought he wanted me to kiss him on his lips so I did.  Nope.  He tried again, puckering his lips to me.  So I leaned down and gave him my cheek.  He kissed me.  The sweetest kiss from the sweetest little boy.  One kiss.  He grinned and dropped his head back on the pillow and pronounced with joy - "I kiss Mama."  

Kisses for his Mama.  I'm his Mama.  Me.  How utterly blessed I am.  I am surrounded by love in my house.  I have been given more than I deserve.  A husband whom I love more than words and kisses from my three boys.  All three of them.  The littlest included.


  1. You made my day. You have wonderful boys. All 3 of them.

  2. Ok, I know I am sappy, and at the moment a bit hormonal, but that made me cry! That is so sweet and wonderful. He learns how to love because he has gotten it every day since he has known you. It is beautiful.

  3. Simply lovely!!! Yes you are VERY BLESSED :)

  4. Precious. You are very blessed indeed!

  5. Oh... the joy of just one little kiss and 3 little words! AWESOME!!!


  6. Yea for a wonderful Momma with beautiful wonderful boys!!!!!!

    I LOVE it!!!

  7. Rejoicing with you at what delights His heart too!! And oh, how blessed each and every one of you is with each other!! : )

  8. I agree--this is just precious to me, too.

  9. Oh, what a special moment! What a sweet boy. What a great God.

  10. So sweet:)
    There is something about being a mother to all boys; a desire to want to love on them all the time and sower them with hugs & kisses.
    What a special moment indeed~

  11. Now this post? It made me cry! :) So precious!


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