Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Storming Heaven

I'm asking you to storm heaven for two things today. 

There is a family in urgent need of our prayers.  The Parkers.  I've been praying for them for the last week but yesterday things went critical and by this morning - well, it's time to gather the forces and storm heaven.  They have two extremely sick children.  The best way to find out details is to click HERE.  This is their Caring Bridge page. You may have to join Caring Bridge but it honestly is no big deal.  Read the journal entries to get caught up.    Rob and I met the Parkers while we were in Aaron's country.  They need our prayers.  Joshua and Bethany need our prayers.  They also need to know we are out there praying so if you go over - please sign their guestbook.  Let them know you are lifting their family up to the throne.  We have lost sleep over our little guy this week but it doesn't compare to what they are carrying right now.  So please support the Parkers in prayer.

The second prayer request is for a boy named Davids who is an orphan from Latvia. 

Last summer he was in a hosting program and enjoyed five weeks with a hosting family here in the US.  I had the pleasure of following their blog and reading about Davids while he was in country.  Really sweet boy!  The hosting family could not adopt him but instead worked at finding a family for him.  One family stepped up to get him.  All looked good.  Everyone thought they were getting Davids who ages out of the system THIS MONTH.  Unfortunately - the family who chose him decided to not pursue the adoption AND NEGLECTED TO TELL ANYONE.  Now Davids is 2 WEEKS away from losing his ability to be adopted. TWO WEEKS.  Please pray for this boy.  Pray that another family can fill in the gap.  He turns 16 in just a few days.  He thought he was getting a family.  The blog of the hosting family is HERE.  They are the best source for information.  Pray that a family steps forward for Davids.   It is still possible for him to find a family though they need to file their 1800 BEFORE Davids turns 16.  Impossible?  Not for God. 

Please storm heaven today.  Two desperate situations.  But we serve a MIGHTY GOD.


  1. Just read both requests and visited both sights. I got right on caring bridge, but maybe because we already are signed up.

    Oh my, we will CERTAINLY pray for these precious families (the one Davids is supposed to have and the other family also) and then the children, that the Lord will heal their bodies, allow them to be together and give peace to all.
    It is amazing what families go through. :(

  2. PRAYING! This is to much! To much for any family, To much for any child! Thats a huge dose of abandonment for Davids...Sigh! Praying.

  3. I wish there was a site where kids who are nearing the end of their adoptable status could be posted. I can totally see this boy as my son, but we are not ready. Not to mention that we are broke. My heart is breaking again!

  4. I got into to the caring bridge too and I'm not signed up. Praying!!

  5. Amazing how Davids' story has spread like wildfire! Things are looking very good for him! I just know that things will work out for the best...


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