Friday, July 22, 2011

Not Abandoned

I have two focuses for this Friday.  Both are heartwrenching and hard. 

Yesterday I received an e-mail that open the floodgates that hold back my tears.  I haven't recovered.  I am still leaking tears as I write this post.  This story pierced my heart, and I don't know when I'll get over it.

Six years ago,  a Mama across the ocean gave birth to a little boy. His little body was twisted and contorted, and the doctors and nurses whispered in her ears, urging her to give him up: "He will never walk."  "He will be a burden."  "You cannot afford to keep him."  "He will be better off hidden away." "He should not have been born."    She was in an unforgiving world where broken children are tossed aside on a regular basis.

Despite all of this, her mother's heart would not allow her to let him go. Against the advice of all of those worldly-wise whisperers, she decided to keep him.  She carried her beloved little boy with the contorted body home, where she cared for him and loved on him.  She tenderly worked his arms and his legs.  She nursed him and washed him. It was hard. We don't know if she had support.  We know that finding work while maintaining a disabled child at home in that world is next to impossible. Somehow, though, mother and son survived together in this way for six years.

Back in January 2011, financial strain and her own health problems forced this Mama to take her son to live in a baby house orphanage. She chose the best one she could find, one where the staff was willing to work with special needs kids like her son.  She wanted to find a job and a home nearby so that she could visit her precious treasure. Evey time she walked through the door, his face lit up: his Mama was back.  Her love carried him through the loneliness of the baby house and kept him going.  He loved his Mama and she loved him. 

A few months later, though, Mama suddenly stopped coming. Her little boy longed for her and waited for her; but no matter how hard he wished for her, she no longer appeared. 

Her absence wasn't by choice. Unknown to the little boy, his Mama had died of cancer in March.

Now he is all alone in the orphanage, with no one to visit him, for the first time in his six years of life. He refuses to believe the caretakers who tell him that she is never coming back. Each day, he continues to look for her.  He scans the face of everyone who walks into the building, looking for a Mama who can never return to him.

A little boy who was tenderly loved for 6 years, suddenly orphaned.

He needs a Mama. 

He desperately needs a  Mama.

He will not be allowed to stay at his good baby house orphanage.  Because he is wheelchair bound, he will be transferred to an institution for older children with special needs, just as Aaron was transferred. 

I can't bear the thought.

His Reece's Rainbow name is Patrick and he needs a Mama.

He needs to grieve in the arms of a Mama who will help him overcome his great loss.  He needs a family who can restore for him the joy of being loved and held and cherished. 

I would get him if I could.  I would cross that ocean and bring him home if the road was clear for us.  But it is not.  And so I am crying out for someone else to go get him.  He needs a family.

My heart grieves deep within me for this one little boy.

Please please please post on your blogs about this little guy.  Please, someone go get him. 

Little boys are not supposed to have to say goodbye to their Mamas when they are only six years old.


Just like Mamas are not supposed to have to say goodbye to their sons when they are only five years old.

But that is what is happening in my other story.

A Reece's Rainbow family is getting ready to say goodbye to their son. 

We met this family last year across the ocean. While we were bringing home Aaron, they were bringing home  two little girls with Down Syndrome. 

Hannah and Bethany.

Hannah came home and began to thrive immediately.  Bethany's story was different: her health was fragile. Over the last nine months, she has been hospitalized multiple times, for a long list of reasons.

While the Parkers were dealing with Bethany's litany of issues, their youngest son, also became gravely ill.  He, too, had a  long list of health problems, but his health was fairly stable until they brought the girls home. Then Joshua took a turn for the worse, and the family has been forced to watch their little boy go downhill fast.  

Sadly, the doctors have no more help to offer.  Joshua is approaching the end.  His little body is wearing out, and his doctors now speak of pain management instead of cure. Joshua will be going into hospice care very soon.
I'm writing this because the Parker family just plain needs help. 

Fathers shouldn't have to say goodbye to their five year olds.

But that is what is happening. 

In a short time they are going to have to say goodbye to their precious little guy.

The family needs help right now, and I am asking you to dig deep for them.  By praying, encouraging and giving.

Some friends and I have created a blog to make it easy to GIVE and to SHARE their story.

Please donate, and please pass their blog around on your blogs and FB.

You can access their blog HERE.  Please lift this family up in your prayers.

They are going through a dark valley and desperately need to know we are there for them.


  1. God help this family and sweet little Patrick through these very difficult situations. Let your love surround them and your light fill them, hold them tightly in your arms and give them strength to face the days ahead, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

  2. Oh My - I will be in PRAYER for both!!! We donated a little too - hope Dad will be able to stay home soon!!!!

    My heart is just sick for beautiful Patrick and the Parker Family!!!!!

  3. Julia, Partick's sweet face just haunts me. Lord, Jesus, save him and give him a life!! And the Parker family, my heart just bleeds for Joshua and the whole family. Thank you for sharing their story.

  4. Praying...and reposting this to my blog!

  5. In tears, thank you for posting about the Parkers and I will be praying for Patrick...

  6. Praying for this sweet family and that "Patrick" finds a mommy fast.

  7. I followed the Parkers journey to get the girls but they stopped writing when some ugly people left mean comments there. I'm so sad for them and for little Joshua! I will be praying for them and of course for sweet Patrick.

  8. Julia, could you please ask for prayers for this family too? The little guy has Epidermolysis Bullosa, the worst form of it and the doctors are also telling the family there's nothing else they can do. He's in horrible pain and his mom (who is the bravest woman EVER) is having an awful time watching her son suffering..
    I'm praying for beautiful Joshua and his family, and also for sweet Patrick, i hope his family find him soon!

  9. Thank your for posting...I'll be praying!

  10. Just wanted to say that we saw Patrick at Vera's orphanage. I am so happy to see him listed on RR! He is a sweetie pie! He cannot walk, but he really gets around on a tricycle.

  11. Thanks so much for posting this. I will keep both these precious boys in my prayers. In fact, it was a God thing that you posted this. I am a prayer warrior for Reece's Rainbow. One of my prayer warrior children is no longer listed on the site, and I was going to commit to praying for another child, and then decided to make it two more children. I try and let the Lord lead as to which children--and the little girl I am praying for I selected a couple months ago, after typing in my first name and she came up. I picked a little boy who had just stood out to me for awhile--but was waiting to commit to officially being his prayer warrior until I had direction on which other child to commit to with him. Then I saw this post and knew Patrick was the other child I was to pray for. His story really touched my heart. So I am now his RR prayer warrior. I will be starting a blog for him later today--and will send you a link. I do hope that his forever family steps forward soon.

  12. Julia, thank you so incredibly much for blogging about my sweetest Joshua & our family's need. I, too, have been completely awed by how God has moved on people to help us to enable Charley to spend time at home with Joshua. To have him HOME & able to not miss any moments with our little boy is worth more than anything and I am so grateful to you & everyone who has helped spread the word so that this could be made possible.

    God bless you abundantly, Julia!

    Much love,


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