Thursday, April 19, 2012

To the Moon and Back

Do you see this Chip-in???

This is the I'M BEGGING YOU Chip-in....

The Chip-in that allows the Spitz's family TO SEND THEIR DOSSIER OFF FOR APPROVAL to the USIC!!  


They have letters asking for expedited approval to get Lyla out of her crib and home in their arms.

Lyla has been fighting her entire life to stay alive.  She needs medical attention NOW!  To get expedited approval is HUGE. 

But the Spitz's are seriously drained financially.  Run the numbers.... THREE SEPARATE ADOPTIONS IN A YEAR IS MIND-BOGGLING.  We are talking $70,000+ and that doesn't take into account time off from work etc. etc.  

They are SO CLOSE to getting their baby girl!


I know I promised not to beg after the Mulligan Stew but the Spitz's are pretty desperate.

Desperate enough for Lyla's Papa to do this....

Desperate enough for Lyla's brothers to be willing to dress up as girls and walk the town... Yes you read that right... (Click HERE to read more)...


THEY LOVE HER!! THEY LOVE HER TO THE MOON AND BACK....  That is what they named their blog when they first committed to Lyla.  And the reality - they have just about traveled to the moon and back to get that baby in their arms.  

Will you step up and help them?  Support them?

Their greatest need right now is for the USCIS costs to be covered so they can send their dossier out TOMORROW.  That is why I put the chip-in on here.  The money in their grant account through RR is not accessible until they travel so even though 11,000 has been raised - they cannot use that money.  

Could we PLEASE run their cup over.... Fill up their chip-in and then some???  Provide this dear faithful family some cushion??? Get them fully funded?  

I hate to beg but I'm begging.  

Help them love their Lyla to the Moon and Back!! 

Please - fuel their trip to the moon.... Fill up the Chip-in above AND go fill up their grant account


  1. Julia - I can NOT even come close to tell you how GRATEFUL we are to have your never ending support!!!!! Thank you FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

  2. My favorite statement "i know I promised not to beg after the mulligan stew fundraiser...." It made me laugh just a bit. It's fine to beg. I'm going to give some to fill their cup. God will provide, I know He will!!!!!!

    Stephanie Lynch

  3. LOVE it !! See - begging helps !! I donated a little earlier today, and just now came back to see it at 103% - SO exciting !! :)


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