Saturday, April 21, 2012

Turning 50

Turning 50 means I may need help crossing the street....

And when I get one of these applications in the mail... I can actually fill it out.

It means that breakfast doesn't just consist of eggs and toast...

And my glasses will soon have to have three levels instead of just one!

Turning 50 means that people won't be able to tell me that I need to grow up..

Because I am now over the hill!

Turning 50 means being reminded by my kids that I have more gray hairs than blonde....

and that once I bite the dust they will get to inherit all my stuff!

Turning 50 means that I'll have to be creative in order to keep up with my kids...

And I only get one candle to blow out on my cake...

But at least its not this candle!!

Turning 50 doesn't mean that the good times are over....

Because God has blessed me with an amazing husband and three wonderful sons...

.....What more could an old lady want????


  1. You are not an old lady!!! Coming from a fellow fifty year old.It just keeps getting better :)
    Happy Birthday Julia. I was so thrilled to get the news that Laural has a family. Praise God.

  2. Happy Birthday !! I don't turn 50 until next year - but I'm not far behind you :)

  3. Julia looks like your birthday wish came true! Laurel is on the MFFM page of RR!


  4. Happy Happy Birthday!!
    We are only as old as we feel! So this is more like 25! Sheri

  5. Julia, you are a riot!!! I came over here to jump up & down with you again about Laurel finding a family. You are one in a million. Hahahahhahahahhaa

  6. By the way, I recently received a letter from a scooter store (I'm 43 & my legs work just fine) & my husband thought it was hilarious enough to post on the internet & show my folks. My mom (who had both knees replaced & is only 39--well, early 60's) said "Even I've never gotten one of those!" Have a great day :)

  7. Happy Birthday! Happy half-century :)

  8. You certainly are young-looking for 50! Take it from a 71 year old lady, I should know! LOL

  9. Happy Birthday! I would not say you are old at all.... You are young!!! Still going strong!!! Hope you have an amazing day

  10. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Nalle! And fifty isn't old at all...age is all a state of mind :) Be blessed!

  11. My nine year old daughter says you're not old until you are 100. I like that.


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