Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sweet Moments

This past weekend Aaron and I got to spend some sweet moments with a whole host of very very special people.

Charlotte D. in pink - YOU HELPED BRING HER HOME! Unfortunately that is the ONLY picture I was able to get of Charlotte... She was being hogged by MOLLY so I didn't even get to hold her!!  OUCH!!  I am SO BUMMED!! To be fair.. Molly wasn't actually holding her.. just chasing her!! 
Brady Murray and his very sweet wife are in the background. Brady will be representing RR in the upcoming Iron Man Race!!

For three days I got to hold in my arms some very precious treasures. 

Belle  - Home a little over a year.  YOU GAVE AND PRAYED HER HOME!!

When you spend your days yelling and screaming for the Lost Loves across the ocean... when you spend your days begging the Lord to send families...

Gavin  - home less than a year - YOU GAVE AND PRAYED HIM HOME

REECE ROBERTS with his aunt - Yes this the REAL REECE! I had the privilege of sitting next to Reece at the reunion!!  WHAT A SWEETHEART!!

It is wonderful indeed to hold some of those babes in your arms, to sit and mingle with the families and to look around and see God's answered prayers in the faces of each one.

Five adopted treasures in this picture!!


There were a whole host of treasures at the reunion but trying to contain that many whirling dervishes... we were fortunate to get these!!

Zoya  - One of the first RR adoptions I followed from beginning to end.  Home over 2 years.  Be Still My Heart!

Summer Spitz (with Gavin) - she is crossing the ocean NEXT WEEK to bring home Lily!!, Sarah Basile (with Mila), ANDREA ROBERTS (with Reece), Michelle Zoromski (I met Michelle across the ocean two years ago when we were both in process to get our treasures) and Shawn Basile (with Zoya)

Mila weighed SEVEN POUNDS less than six months ago.. LOOK AT THAT CHUNKY BABY!!

These were just a few of our sweet moments...

I will share some more in some other posts...

stayed tuned for Sweet Moments Part Two!!


  1. So glad we finally got to meet!!!!!

  2. How wonderful to see all these familiar little faces gathered together! What a great sense of celebration that must have been for all of their families, to be at a veritable RR reunion! I am so glad you and Aaron could be part of it, and appreciate your sharing it with your online followers (that sounds a bit creepy - maybe make it "readers"??)

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE
    (and RR fundraiser-yardsale survivor - whew!)

  3. So glad you got to meet all of them! Jealous I could not be there but looking forward to next year & you better be there cause I want to give you a hug!

  4. Ill send you some more pictures tonight!

  5. Wow!! SO amazing to see all those little loves in one place! If that isn't proof of the good we're doing, RR is doing, I don't know what is! You know, it's easy to get discouraged when you've been a part of this community for a while, because no matter how many starfish you throw back, there seem to always be more, more, more... each one with a heartwrenching story. And as you move to help the new starfish, you forget how many you have ALREADY HELPED. Lives saved because of RR, because of its advocates and parents. What a great reminder of how much has already been done. Love your heart, Julia! I think you're quickly becoming one of my favorite 'adoption people' :P I can feel your genuine love for all these children and families in every word you write. And there can NEVER be too much love. (Funny. I actually said the same thing to Brent Unroe about cake earlier... love and cake, yes, these are things for which I give thanks. Hehe.)

    And pat yourself on the back. You've received a new badge of honor... recipient of one of my rambling 2 am comments. LOL. Sometime between 12 and 2 I lose the ability to shut up...

  6. Okay, totally laughing because before your first photo even loaded I recognized the back of Sarah's head. A little too much time on RR blogs maybe. :)


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