Thursday, August 16, 2012

Please Keep Praying!!

This is the most updated report from Yvonne about both Sam and Selah....

UPDATE from Yvonne around 5:30pm Thursday evening- 
Update...Sam is completely back to normal but they are keeping him till tomorrow. Selah is still fighting! The doctor that told us yesterday that she would not make it at all said today that she may make it but will not be "Selah" meaning she has so much brain damage... We need PRAYER! Pray that her heart rate will come down to a normal level of 60-100, she is at 150 and pray that she will take more breathes on her own. Pray that she will not get any infections or fevers. Please pray for our sweet girl and for the rest of the family.

Please pray.  

For more information on what happened:



  1. PRAYING!!!!!!!!!!!! May God cover you in peace and strength!!! May HIS HANDS HOLD AND HEAL SELAH!!!!! Doctors are just doctors, but GOD IS STILL GOD AND HE HOLDS OUR FUTURE!!!! PRAISE GOD for the healing that has already taken place and storming the heavens for more!!!!

  2. This is just such sad news. Praying for all.

  3. Praying for your little girl. May God grant her healing and good return. AMEN

  4. Julia, thank you for the update. My heart was just sick when I heard about this today. We are praying!!!

  5. This is heartbreaking. I'm praying.


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