Monday, November 4, 2013

The Lawn

When the boys were young I took them ONE TIME trick or treating to the University of Virginia's lawn. 
Elijah designed the costumes that year.  He created the coolest costume for Ben that made him look headless.  (He was holding his head in his hands).  Elijah dressed himself up like a pirate.  As soon as we started walking the lawn the news cameras descended upon us.  Those costumes were the BEST of the lawn.  I have yet to ever see anyone top Elijah's headless man costume that he made for Ben. 
This year Elijah and I decided it was Aaron's turn.

We took the wheelchair since we knew it would be a LOT of walking and a crazy amount of people there.

Thousands of people.
We had fun.

But it was also hugely overwhelming.  We had to wait in massive lines to get Aaron (and Elijah's bucket) in reach of the rooms along the lawn where they were giving out candy. 
After the buckets were FULL we stopped and just enjoyed looking at all the costumes.
I had my camera but was too absorbed in enjoying looking at the masses with Elijah and Aaron that I snapped next to nothing.
It is not something I want to do every year... or even every 10 years... I am not that fond of crowds... but it was fun for Aaron and he will remember it.

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