Wednesday, December 4, 2013

It Is Most Definitely Good

I watched them dance.

I laughed with them.

Watched them as they watched a puppet show.

I drank in every minute.  Wishing for more.  Loving them.  Loving them.  Oh so very much wishing for more.  27 of our Lost Boys in a room and my cup ran over.  How to paint with words all that I heard and saw.  Grady was there.  Sweet Samuel.  Porter?  I'm still trying to decide.  Boys from years ago who were in Aaron's group.  Boys we loved.  Loved.

I am at a loss.

The last three days have been overflowing.  I can't sort it all out in my mind.  The whirlwind of emotions has rendered me speechless. 

I need my sweet husband.  I need to pour out the stories and the images to him.  Rest my words on his shoulders.  Laugh with him.  Grieve out the sorrow.  I am missing his steady calm.  Three solid days of  so much.  So very much.  I wondered last week whether this trip was crazy.  I don't wonder any more.  The welcoming arms of the director - the tears in her eyes.  The leaning in as we took a picture.   It is good.  It is most definitely good.
God is on the move.  Baby steps to be sure.  But God is moving.
I have stories.  I will share.  For now - thank you.  Thank you. 
Your prayers cover me.  I know this.  It is good.


  1. The words will come, Julia ... they will come when you have had time to process all that you've experienced ... and they, like the changes you've seen, will come in God's time ... as He needs you to share them! For now, just soak it up and live in the moments while you are there.

  2. I'm so choked up reading this. And that picture is amazing! She is holding YOU! Amazing....

  3. This update fills me with joy and hope! We are so thrilled that you have the opportunity to be on this trip and especially that you are able to be with the lost boys and Aaron's former director. So much good can come from your time there...Your presence and your witness there will move hearts, and your words for your readers will educate and inform those here who can help these precious children. Praying that the Lord will continue to open door after door - and believing that He will. May He continue to bless you will peace, wisdom, and strength on this trip. He's walking with you, Julia, and you are covered in prayer!

  4. Jumping for joy at all God's done and is doing! Kel

  5. The pictures of Aaron and Judd home with their families, the updates on their progress, the recent stream of new families going for Alexei, Heath and now Samuel .... I'm sure she's realized these families truly care and there are others donating/advocating who want to help even more of her boys.

    THANK YOU for the updates. I can't wait to hear more once you've processed it. I hope you are keeping a journal!

    Sue H.

  6. Praising the Lord for what he is doing ! Praying for you and all the Lost Boys!

  7. Can't wait to hear the Director's reaction to your pictures and tales about Aaron.

  8. I cannot wait to hear your stories! I am so glad that you went!!! - Stori

  9. Tears. Happy tears. Just look at what God is doing, Julia, with your faithfulness even when it seemed so dark and impossible!!!


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