Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow. Sigh!

We live in Virginia.

The amount of snow we have had this year in our part of the state has been nill to none.

Yet Aaron's school was canceled EVERY SINGLE DAY LAST WEEK except Monday which was a HOLIDAY.

This morning it snowed again.  Less than an inch.
No school again.



My boy WANTS to go to school.
He's ready for spring.
My summary of across the ocean happenings...
Yesterday the Prime Minster resigned and President Y accepted his resignation.  The cabinet leaves with him.
Many of the ANTI-PROTEST laws passed on January 16th were canceled.
The protesters want the President to call for new elections and/or step down.  At this point... that isn't happening.  So the protesters are NOT leaving.
Thugs still roam the streets and beat whomever they can catch.
The Berkut continue to stand in formation outside the area where the protesters are...
I can't imagine how utterly miserable it is for them to stand there in the bitter cold. 
This is the most recent map of the protests...
Rather chaotic in my opinion...
Blue/Yellow- Occupied by the People
Blue/Yellow with a shield - Occupied by People AND control is Legitimized
Solid Blue - Occupied by the government
Pink - Mass protests
Red - Attempt to Seize
Brown - Government seized back region from the people
Black circle with man inside - VIOLENT! Unarmed people being beaten
White circle with man inside - Government brigades (?)
Personally... I am just watching and waiting because I have NO IDEA what is going to happen at this point.  Praying that things can be resolved without any more bloodshed.
Waiting, watching, praying....
And wishing for Spring!!


  1. I know in Richmond it takes forever for the roads to get plowed. I live across the street from a Richmond high school. They cleared the parking lot, street is still covered in snow.

  2. "I can't imagine how utterly miserable it is for them to stand there in the bitter cold." One dropped dead today. His heart stopped, probably from the stress of standing there and freezing. So sad!

    How would I find you on Facebook? Do you add people that you don't know in real life?

  3. Hiya, I've never commented on your blog before but have been following it. I thought you would be interested in this: A local girl here in NZ is going soon to volunteer in Ukrainian Orphanages. I thought you'd like to know, as even thought we're all the way on the otherside of the world, those precious kids are thought of and loved.


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