Thursday, January 9, 2014

Would You Pray....

Would you pray....
For Joshua Adamson...

He's a sweet RR babe who is in deep trouble right now.
His little body is battling a whole mess of things including pneumonia....
His Mama and Papa love him dearly and are hoping that is body can rally....
Please pray...
I love this family.
They live near here and are such HUGE supporters of special needs babes.  I met Joshua and the rest of his family last year at the Virginia Homeschool Convention. 
Please pray.
The $1,000 matching grant was met and Iggy and Casey's family are over $2,000 closer to be funded for both boys.  THE FAMILY WANTED ME TO TELL YOU THANK YOU FOR GIVING!!  They still need around $3,485 and leave in a few weeks.  Any and all help would still be appreciated!
Thank you also for praying for me this week.  It's been a hard few days.


  1. Oh no...praying right now! We met the Adamsons through a friend of ours this summer. So sorry to hear little Joshua is so sick.


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