Wednesday, February 5, 2014

In Our House..

Some have been asking me why I have been so quiet lately...
My blogposts have been scattered and sporadic and on Facebook all I have really talked about in the last few weeks are happenings across the ocean...
I never finished sharing stories from my trip which is causing many to wonder if I am not a person of my word...
I seem distracted and not really focused...
Etc. etc. etc..
It's all true.
...except the part about not keeping my word....
But I have good excuses/reasons so please bear with me!
As many of you know, we are owners of an amazing Classical History and Literature Curriculum called BiblioPlan.  

Over the last few years Rob and I have been writing like crazy some really awesome Classical History textbooks. 
We wrote a 300+ book on Ancient History.
We wrote a 600+ book on Modern History.
We wrote a 750+ book Medieval History.
We are in the midst of writing an 800+ book on Early Modern History.
It is due out by the summer.
Along with that book are 13 products that are all being revised/written/created to go with Early Modern.
None of those 13 products are finished.
The 800+ book on Early Modern History is not finished.
On top of that...
Rob and Elijah are currently involved in an amazing musical called THE SECRET GARDEN.

Rob has the lead role of Archibald and Elijah is Dickon.
Both of these parts are HUGE and involve a LOT of practice... both at rehearsal and at home. 
The music is incredible but it is really hard.
Did I say the music is incredible?
We had never even heard about this musical until it was announced.  And originally Rob was NOT going to be in it.  I sent an e-mail stating that quite emphatically.  He was NOT doing any musical this winter/spring.  NOT.  Our plate was already too full to add one more thing into the mix.  But when push came to shove and after he heard the music and after some e-mails arrived pretty much begging him/arm twisting him to do it.... well....  he agreed.
So we are in total hunker-down.... writing as fast and as furious as we can... juggling schedules... following across the ocean news because what is happening over there matters greatly to us... writing some more and trying to keep from getting sick and drowning all at the same time!
 And as proof of what we have been doing... This map is what I designed yesterday.  Lest you think making this map is easy.... It took me more hours than I like to think about to design it.  I spent all day creating two maps and the directions that go with them for the different age groups.  One map was this one and the other was for Henry Hudson's four different voyages.
(Forgive the foggy quality... for some reason blogger made my picture come out foggy and I don't have the patience right now to make it high definition.)
As for finishing my travel stories....
Trust me...
They are there... forever spinning around in my head....
They will spill out...
In God's time and as He gives me the words to speak.
So please bear with me...
And if you homeschool....
Would you please consider checking out our curriculum?
In the last weeks two different reviews came out about our curriculum.... I plan on sharing those in future blogposts because they knocked us out of the ballpark!  We were so shocked and thrilled to see both of those reviews. 
We are working hard at creating a classical curriculum that is God-honoring, history and literature rich and FUN for kids! 
So bear with me.
When we get our 800+ page book written and the 13 products that go with it...  we are both going to feel like a huge weight just got lifted off our shoulders!
Until then....
Please be patient!
P.S. If you live in our area, you really need to come see THE SECRET GARDEN.  Tickets are going to go on sale on the website SOON.  Hearing Rob sing those songs and listening to Elijah in his Yorkshire accent...  this is definitely a must see event!


  1. May I add to the record here as a fellow cast member by saying that The Secret Garden is AMAZING and the Nalles made me cry last rehearsal cause they did such a stellar job. COME SEE IT!

  2. We use BiblioPlan and LOVE it!! There is nothing that compares to it! Thank you for all your hard work!

    K. Williams

  3. I hope I have misread the part about people calling you distracted, losing focus and going back on your word and those are your descriptions. If not, how ridiculous.

    You have a way with words and a popular blog, but you also have a life and a family which MUST come before advocating for it to be healthy. You go above and beyond most people I know to advocate, so please take your time.


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