Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dehority's Divine Distraction

I love that title.
It was coined by my dear friend, Rosemary Marshall, who spent the day watching God move in hearts.
I spent the day 'with' Elizabeth (Facebook does have its benefits), who spent part of the day sitting on the kitchen floor because she was too weak to get onto the couch.  She was down on the floor knitting and watching Luke's grant account and shouting praises to God despite how sick she was feeling. CLICK HERE to go read her account.
God gave her such a kind gift yesterday in her suffering.  Truly a Divine Distraction!
Goodness gracious!!  Did you see?
The Boroughs are fully funded for this little boy!
Luke Aug 2012
14,000+ in less than 2 days!!
Wow!! Wow!! Wow!!
I can't even wrap my brain around it this morning.
I'm having trouble figuring out what I am to do!!
I'll come back later to announce winners and such and such...
For now... Praying for Elizabeth who is seriously struggling to stay vertical and who really needs us to pray for her... and praising God with the Boroughs that their financial for Luke has been lifted.


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!


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