Thursday, June 12, 2014

Triple Win!

This little boy loves, loves, loves to draw...
And he does his best work.... surrounded by mess... His mess.
It blows me away sometimes how much he has changed.
The first year he was home he was the neatest, cleanest kid around.  He would not take a toy off the shelves without permission.  He was hyper-vigilant about cleaning up after himself.
Now all it takes is for him to walk into a room and disaster happens...

It's a good thing he is cute!!
There are only three more days before his Tanker Truck is retired again!!
Please consider supporting Paper Clouds and buying a shirt, hat or tote with his truck on it!!
Not only are you getting a one of a kind Aaron Special, you are supporting Reece's Rainbow AND you are providing jobs for individuals with special needs!! 
That is a TRIPLE win-win!!

1 comment:

  1. Same thing happened with my kids! They used to line up their shoes by the they get dropped somewhere in FRONT of the door! Ugh!


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