Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Worthy Trip

I miss this blog.
These last few weeks have been HARD.
We are almost done.
Bear with me, dear friends!
Saturday.  Saturday. Saturday. 
The Early Modern Companion will be FINISHED.....
Okay.  Not quite finished but MY PART will be finished!
And on Sunday, early in the wee morning hours, Aaron and I will head for Kentucky for the sweetest reunion at the Yogi Bear Campgrounds....  A whole host of Reece's Rainbow babes and families and advocates will be there.  Aaron and I are so excited! 
I just need to get through this week....
Please pray for Ben.
He is boarding a plane by himself on Thursday night and heading across the ocean to spend a week helping with the camps you so graciously donated towards!
He is going to be my eyes and ears and hands!  I wish with all of my heart that I was boarding the plane with him.  To spend a week helping provide an amazing camp experience for orphans is my kind of vacation!!
Last year he spent two weeks helping renovate a home for boys who were aging out of the system.  This year - camp.  Rob and I consider that a worthy way to spend part of his summer.
Pray for him.
Pray for the camp.
The all-boys camp is happening as I type.
The teen camp will be going on next week while Ben is there.
Three more camps will take place after that... including the camp for the special needs orphans.
Pray that NOTHING will keep the children from being able to come. 
Not directors.  Or government officials.  Or weather.  Or war.
Pray your hearts out dear friends....
Mountains keep rising up on the ministry team. 
But God is bigger and prayer works!
If you want to follow the happenings of the camp... the link is HERE

1 comment:

  1. Praying...for all those at camp, on both sides of The Pond.

    Hope to see you one day next week! Have a safe trip.

    Susan (already) in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE


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