Monday, July 14, 2014

Low-Key Reunion

I'm here.

In Kentucky.

With about 60 + other families.

We are spread out in cabins and campsites and RV's across the Yogi Bear Campground. 
The meeting places are the swimming pools, hay rides or last night an impromptu marshmallow roast at the Rowe's cabin.  The kids ran around catching lightning bugs.  I spent 30 minutes with this precious precious in my arms until Nancy Thornell rudely stole him.
 (RR Lane)
I am in heaven.
Getting to see children in families.
Vika - orange shirt - Susan RR
Leo - Edmund RR
Seeing the three precious babes I crossed the ocean in December to help bring home.
Yana - Lucy RR
Check out the shirts - 2013 and 2014... Lucille - You do good work!
A reunion with no agenda.
Bobby (Nathaniel RR)
No organized meetings.
Sara (Charlotte RR)
No speeches.
Jo Jo (Jocelyn RR)
Love you Renee!!
Just lots of hugs.
Lots of joy.
Krystina - Kameron  RR

Lily (red shirt)
Lots and lots of joy!

 My kind of reunion!!


  1. Hey that's SUPER LU in that bottom photo!!! YAY!!!

  2. Love it and so wish we could be there.

  3. What an absolute joy to meet you, Aaron, and so many other previously only online RR friends yesterday and earlier today (and to Skype with Lu)!

    I hope the rest of the reunion (and your adjunct trip to Chattanooga and eventual return to VA) continue to go, well, swimmingly ;-).

    Susan, back home elsewhere in Kentucky
    Cousin to 2 from U.


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