Tuesday, July 22, 2014

One Last Round

I know... some of you are ready for me to move on... Too many pictures... Too much reunion stuff...
I promise... No more after today...
But Aaron had a blast with Geri...
And Victoria..

And Daniel...

And Bobby...
Both Aaron and Bobby fell during the nightly get-togethers - Bobby ended up getting stitches and Aaron had a swollen elbow which is only now starting to go down.  So we kept them safe with a blanket, Legos and iPads and they were so happy playing together!!
 And the Wielhouwer brothers were so kind to help Aaron go down the slide!!
They rode with him down and carried him up the hill...
The king on the throne!
And these two... there are no words.
Andrea and Reece

Aaron was the first RR babe Andrea ever met...

We are so blessed that he gets to see her at these reunions.

And check out JJ - (Darren - RR)...

The sweetest little guy you would ever want to meet!!
How could I NOT share him with you??

And Atticus who has battled cancer and is winning...

Each one of these treasures so precious!!
Not every one an RR babe but so many are adopted and frankly ... I DON'T CARE!!

Look at this tiny little munchkin trying to kiss Boo Boo's nose...
Charlotte (RR Masha) was one of the first babes I hollered for ... just a tiny emaciated little girl in a crib. She's still tiny but she is a fighter. 

I have to share these babes...

They brought me such joy last week...

And this cutie..

Every single beautiful one of them...

Yeah... leaving them out would be a crime!!

I'm about done. 
Ready to move on...
Just scrolling through brings a grin to my face...
Happy memories... Sweet moments....
I would stop but there are SOME of you who want to see them!!

You are BEING BLESSED by seeing them...
Teeny Tiny Treasures Walking Free!!

 All of them.... Walking Free!!
I was blessed to be there. It was truly a God-honoring event.  Filled with visual reminders of His faithfulness. 
I'm hoping I can go again next year.
Aaron is PLANNING on it!!


  1. we are too!! can not wait :)
    well worth the long drive to spend time with such awesome kids and families!!

  2. LOVE the reunion photos ... just wish you could label every single one with RR names and family names!! It's a huge blessing to see all these treasures free and with their forever families!!

  3. I could look at these all day! Darren! I lost his mama's second blog and her first one on the RR Already Home isn't updated so I've been wondering about him!!!

    Sue H.

  4. We never tire of these beautiful pictures!! You can post them forever! The transformation from emaciated children in cribs to these smiling, vibrant children so full of life amazes me every time!! LOVE!! Thank you Julia!!

  5. Oh, how I (selfishly) wish that the RR reunion were in Kentucky every year, so I could repeat last week's drop-in visit! Meanwhile, thanks for all of the lovely illustrations of the lovely memories.
    Being at the reunion, even briefly, was one of the highlights of my summer.

    No, make that one of the highlights of my year!

    Next year?? We'll see!

    Susan (conveniently) in Kentucky
    Cousin to 2 from U.

  6. I have loved every photo of every sweet face! Thank you for posting them. I wish I were in a position to begin child raising over again! I have two adopted sons, now grown, and two step sons, also all grown up. :) But darn it, I'd love to start again, mother little ones again. I miss it!! Seeing all these happy children makes me happy too. samm in canada

  7. My Stefi was trying to kiss Boo-Boo's nose! I love these photos, these kids, and these families, this mission, this LIFE!

  8. Such sweet pics. Thanks for sharing. Plus I just happen to love Aaron's LOVE shirt- one of my personal favorites ;)

  9. Thank you for taking the time to share these. What a treat!

  10. JJ!!! I would give just about anything for another hug from him. I LOVE HIM! :-)

    (Sorry if this posts twice. Internet problems tonight.)

  11. No requests to stop coming from me... I have been loving these reunion posts! Some kids I recognize, many I don't - All of them beautiful, all of them precious, all of them bringing a tear to my eye and a warmth in my heart. Thanks for sharing!


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