Sunday, October 26, 2014

Where are the Warriors?

The annual Angel Tree starts on November 1st and there are still angels who do not have warriors.
Without warriors those angels will not be hanging on the tree.
I can't bear to think that Holly will be missing.

Goodness I have yelled for Teagan to get over the wall every single year.
We have sadly watched Tanner grow up on the tree....
Luke was on it last year...
And Heidi who was abandoned at the gates... Abandoned again??? Come on!
Heidi 2
Where oh where are the warriors???
zeke (1) Quentin update 2013 (5)
Fernando HAS to be on the tree!!
Come on people!!
It is so so easy.
You just CLICK HERE and pick a waiting child.
You are NOT adopting them you are praying for them.  Shouting for them.  Maybe finding people to donate to their grant account.
Wendy cannot be left behind.  Last year Rob and I were praying her over the wall!
Wendy 2
And sweet Michael who stole my heart years ago on the tree???
Please won't you pick a child and be their Warrior!!
Just one.
Tara (2)
So that NONE are left behind on the tree!!
P.S. Sunday School classes can Warrior together... Homeschool groups.... classrooms... families...sports teams.... clubs... businesses... etc etc.... Be creative! You don't have to Warrior alone!
Derek pic
Tuesday is the LAST day for Warriors to sign up so please don't wait....
Regina (2)
They need you!


  1. Does Tanner have a Warrior already? We went to join but he's gone.
    Can you be a Warrior if you are not on FB? :o)
    Love you! ((((HUGS))))

  2. oops! o.k. I see he has one :o)


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