Friday, February 20, 2015


So you want to know what we made on our Orphans Treasures Auction???
Blow me away...
When I first decided to do it I set a RIDICULOUS goal. I didn't share it with too many people.   It was ridiculous. I've seen other on-line auctions before and I knew what the normal average for an auction would be and my goal was way beyond that average.
Plus, we didn't have world-changing auction items for us to reach my ridiculous goal.
But we have a BIG bill coming as soon as we get travel dates.  A $2,000 dollar bill to the agency that provided Hague oversight to our adoption.  It comes due the day we get our dates. 
We can credit card our airline tickets and a bunch of other expenses but we sure didn't want to credit card that bill.
So I set a ridiculous goal for our auction because I wanted to cover that $2,000.00 bill.
With three families benefitting in our auction... we needed to raise $6,000.00 in order for us to cover that bill.
A $6,000.00 auction.
I mean I've been to real auctions on farms and at estates and many of them haven't generated $6,000.00 much less an on-line auction!!
Whispered prayers. A TON of work.  Hours and hours and hours of putting it together.  Kind people.  So so so many kind people.  A Loving God.
That's how much our auction made.
We were 14.68 short of $6,000!! Is that not totally ridiculous???? 
Does that not make you want to laugh out loud??
Between the kindness of so so many people and the answered prayers of a Loving God, we can pay that $2,000 bill!
Plus... we still have a Giveaway going on. I didn't include Giveaway donations into that $6,000 total.
God so so good!
All of you who have poured into helping bring three orphans home are so so kind!!
Thank You!!



  1. God IS SO GOOD!!!! I am Happy Dancing all over the house right now!! WOOOO-HOOOO!!
    (((((((BIG HUGS)))))))

    1. This makes my heart so happy!! I'm so thankful that the auction was such a success. I love how God just blows us away by providing just what we need!


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