Monday, April 9, 2012

Pick a Child...

Oh it was a hard decision for the Pick a Child winners.

Four different winners and they each had to PICK A CHILD on Reece's Rainbow.  $460.00 dollars to be spread out between four different grant accounts.


How to decide which child would get money in their grant account when the need is so great.

It was a hard decision but our Pick a Child Winners rose to the challenge.

After much prayer, consideration and a WHOLE LOT OF LOVE... They picked four very precious babes!!

THANK YOU THANK YOU to the donors who provided the money for these kids and THANK YOU THANK to the winners who donated to our Mulligan Stew Giveaway!! 

Sacrificial love for the voiceless ones across the ocean!!

Now if we could just find Mamas and Papas for these four precious babes that would be icing on our Pick a Child cake!!


  1. Still think these are the best prizes ever - I think they should be a required part of every giveaway from now on !! ;)

  2. So, so happy that these children were able to receive these funds - bless you all!

  3. what a great thing that they could receive those grants. My husband and kids and I pray for Emmitt every day. We don't qualify to adopt right now but we rejoice every time the My Family Found Me page on RR updates and I am longing to see him on there. I hope to see these kids up there soon!


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!