Friday, May 18, 2012

Prayers and Pleas

Update on Maia - Surgery went well and he was pleased with how Maia's brain looked ("not angry"). The fluid pockets drained yellow fluid, still not sure exactly what it contains, but there was no frank pus. I'll post a more detailed update on the blog, but short story... PRAISE GOD and thank you to all of those who have been storming heaven for our sweet girl!! 
She will be going to CT and is intubated right now, but hopefully we will be seeing her precious face before too long!

Update on Katie - Katie is now back in her room. Her defibrillator is installed, and she won't suffer this kind of cardiac arrest again. She is sleeping now, and the hospital plans to get her up and moving this afternoon. If all goes well, she could be discharged tomorrow.

Dear friends, I'm asking for prayer again.  I'm begging. Pray for a sweet little girl who is having surgery today due to a horrible infection that has traveled through her shunt and into her brain.  Rob and I met the Hansens when we were adopting Aaron.  We were leaving the country and they had just arrived to adopt their sweet Maia.  This last year they went back to get Matthew.

Please please pray for this sweet little Reece's Rainbow angel. She has brought such joy to her Mama and Papa!!

Pray for the Hansens.  Pray for Maia.  Pray for Matthew.  And please go over to their blog and leave them a comment so that they know you are storming heaven on their behalf.  Their is nothing so scary as having to entrust your wee one into the hands of surgeon.  


She was on Facebook last night letting us know that she is alive and well.  In her words:  "God must have more for me to do on this earth. And as soon as I get done with these stupid IVs, I'm gonna find out what I'm still on this earth for and go do it!!"

We are Praising God for bringing her back from the brink of death.  She too is having surgery this morning so PLEASE PRAY FOR KATIE as they insert a defibrillator to prevent her Long QT Syndrome from ever sending her heart into arrest again.


Jane George is a British mom of three kids who went a few months ago to a remote orphanage in Aaron's former country and had her heart broken into pieces.  She came back with a fierce determination to do whatever she could to help those kids in that orphanage.  If you want to see some intense pictures and read some heart-breaking tales... GO TO JANE'S BLOG!!  But before you do.... JANE HAS COMMITTED TO LOSING 50 POUNDS to raise money for the kids in that orphanage and to raise money for a very precious Reece's Rainbow treasure... BOBBY!

WOULD YOU PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GO OVER TO JANE'S BLOG AND SUPPORT HER CAUSE?  So far she has had little support and what she is supporting IS WORTHY OF OUR ATTENTION!!  If I could give the Lost Boys we left behind what is being done for those kids in that institute I would be screaming from the rooftops!!


When you read how she met Bobby HERE.... PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A KLEENEX OR TWO because you are not going to make it through the story without shedding buckets of tears!!

So go read... but...


There are some precious young kids who definitely have their hearts in the right place.  They work hard to raise money for various orphans by making crafts and selling them.  The orphans they are currently raising money for are Bernadette and Mason!  WOULD YOU PLEASE GO OVER TO THEIR BLOG AND BUY SOMETHING FROM THEM?  Please support their desire to help the least of these.  I never want young ones to become discouraged in doing what is right.  Please!! 



  1. We're praying for all these needs. Thank you for bringing them to our attention!

    Also, there's a giveaway going on for Bernadette and Mason. Today is the very last day! Here's the link:

  2. Thanks for all the updates. And yes, we love our crazy British friend, Jane! She has a heart of gold.

  3. oh boy! this explains the sudden leap in visitors over at the flight platform.,..and now i am in utter bits!!!!! thank you my dear friend for this means so much!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Thanks for sharing about my daughter's (and son) efforts to raise money for Bernadette and Mason...they were surpized and excited to see that :)

    Thanks also for keeping us updated on Katie and we'll be praying for Maia also.
    the Adamsons


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