Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Morning Weeping

I was blog reading this morning.  Cruising through quickly as I had to get Aaron up soon and my to-do list today is long.

My cruising came to a screeching halt when I hit the Hartman's blog.  She had a video on there.  One I had seen before.  One that I had put on my blog well over a year ago.  One that will forever knit her heart with mine.  Even though I knew the video - I clicked anyway.  I clicked so I could see my boys again.  I clicked out of love and longing for a group of misfits shed-sitters.  I clicked and watched and then Rob came in and sat and we watched it again together.  Our boys.  Our Lost Boys.  All of them precious.  I watched and wept.  Rob sitting quietly beside me.  We sat and watched and remembered.  Remembered our boys.

These are just some of our Lost Boys.  Boys we love.  Boys who are living at Aaron's institute.  Boys who shed-sit every day of their lives.  Most of them unavailable for adoption but some of them are.  I can't tell you which ones because at this point we don't have information to verify if they really are available.  It is my deepest prayer that in the coming weeks the Lord would lift the barrier and we will be able to advocate for MORE of the Lost Boys.  Please pray with me.  Please pray that some of these boys in this video will have hope outside the walls.  Please pray.  God is on the move and the possibility of the barrier being lifted is huge.  Please pray.  

And please - keep advocating for the three Lost Boys who are listed.  Heath.  Hanson. Sasha. 

    $21,302.00                             $2,629.00                                   $9,232.00

Please see beyond the pictures and see these three as just boys.  Boys who need Mamas.  Boys who need Papas.  Pure and simple.  They are just little boys.

Look at their grant amounts!!  Heath is fully funded except for upfront costs and Sasha has a huge grant.  All three of these boys could be adopted together.  


Yesterday I shared An Orphan Tale and immediately left for church.  When I came home I had all kinds of messages in my in-box.  The response to the Feingolds was so overwhelming that they were fully funded and well beyond within 2 hours of my post being written.  People sent me messages expressing their disappointment at not being able to give to them because the need was met so fast!!  Wow!!  The Reece's Rainbow community continues to amaze me over and over again!  


I Thank you!!

Silas thanks you!!

Orion thanks you!!


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  1. Man, it never fails! Heath is always on my heart but sometimes i get an even stronger BURN for him and the prayers are more and the talking about him is greater and the tears are heavier. Then I go to your blog and see he's there again being talked about by you and I read Kim & Jed Johnson's blog and he's there too. I am so thankful for the loyal hearts for Heath (and the other sweet babes). Burning prayers for the Lord to send him his family are going on, always.


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