Saturday, September 6, 2014

Skinned Up Knees

Remember yesterday when I shared about Annemarie....
Her desperate longing for a family??
Well... a family has NOT stepped up BUT... she had a $5,000 matching grant on the table.
It was met yesterday!
That means that on top of the $8,647.00 that is in her account now - another $5,000 is going to be added soon.
AnnaMarie (1)
And remember the 0.00 in Clementine's account??
She now has $189.00.
I know.
A $189.00 jump is nothing compared to a $10,000.00 jump but still.... some of you loved on my girl yesterday and I thank you from the very bottom of my heart.
Sweet little one in her pink sandals that are probably community owned and her little blue dress that another child will probably wear tomorrow is quite in need of some Mama love.
Her little bruised up knees are seriously killing me!
Did she cry?  Or did she do what so many orphan children do - hold back the tears and believe somehow that falling down was her fault.  Were her eyes downcast and filled with guilt?  Did they smack her for falling or whisper tender words of comfort?  The stories behind the skinned knees of orphans could fill a thousand books.  My sweet Aaron still apologizes to us when he gets hurt.  Four years home and he still believes that somehow, in some way, falling means he is bad.  How many times have I had to reassure him over and over that I am not angry with him when he falls?
Oh sweet Clementine.  Would that you had a Mama who whispered reassurance in your ears as she cleaned up your wounds.  Would that you had someone who cared as much for your bruised and skinned up heart as your bruised and skinned up knees.
She's just a little girl with a world of sorrowful stories to tell.
Who will listen?
Who will hear?
CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO CLEMENTINE or to find out how you can adopt her...
CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO ANNEMARIE or to find out how to adopt her...


  1. AnnaMarie has a family!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Julia, I read a post that a Ukrainian family filed paperwork to adopt "Clementine!" If so, wonderful news for this sweet little one!!!!


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