Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Best Ingredients

Want to know the BEST ingredients for a birthday party??
Take one very excited almost 11 year old boy...
Invite a bunch of people for his first ever birthday party...

Make sure to have some RR babes there to make Mama smile
Joshua (Taras on RR)

Sean (Slava on RR)
Make sure the weather is just right for getting thoroughly wet...

Provide water guns and lots of water..

And have fun!!



Having a birthday cake and lots of presents is definitely a bonus!

A sweet day for a very special little boy!


  1. :) looks like no one managed to stay dry ! ;)
    Joyeux anniversaire John ! :)

  2. Happy happy happy!!!!! AWESOME!!!

  3. It looks like the perfect way to celebrate!! How awesome that John was able to spend this birthday with a family! Happy Birthday, sweet John!!

  4. Happy birthday to John! May this celebration live forever in your memory and be the first of many to come! Love Kelly

  5. My sweet Isaiah is 11 too this year! I LOVE 11 year old boys! Happy Birthday John!! ((((HUGS)))) and prayers


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