Saturday, August 5, 2017

How Can I?

Breathing is difficult these days.  I don't suffer from asthma so I can't blame my shortness of breath on that.

I blame the computer.

Well - not really my computer but my computer screen.

Each day... each time I sit down... I am compelled to look at the most beautiful brown eyes. And I stop breathing. And I pray.  And I pray some more. 

My prayers are pitiful.  Just Dear Lords.  And Please.  And then I choke back tears. And gasp a bit.

It's a problem.

Putting the picture of the child who is calling you across the ocean as your background picture on your computer is a definite problem.

It makes breathing difficult and keeps me from focusing on the tasks at hand. 

How can I look in those most beautiful eyes and not want to head for the airport immediately? How do I focus?  How can I keep from counting the weeks (3), the days (21), the hours (I'm not THAT math-smart)?

I'm the one in this household not holding it together very well. The male population around here goes about like nothing at all is about to upend our little house in the disappearing woods. Their emotions are in lockdown until we actually see and hear and know for certain.  They are being realistic. Wise. Careful. Discerning. I can't lockdown my feelings.  I'm lousy at the wait and see attitude that has them serenely passing through the current set of days.  I'm crashing through the house cleaning and gleaning and dragging loads to the thrift shop (if isn't being used then we must not need it).  I'm standing in the little girl aisles in total panic. I'm organizing and counting money and writing to-do lists and planning meals and staring at those beautiful brown eyes and pleading my Dear Lords and Please.

Three weeks.

21 days.

A lot of hours.

A whole lot of time not breathing very well.

I'm not sure I'm going to make it...

Maybe I should change the background picture on my computer!


  1. No. She needs you to keep praying. You need you to keep praying. <3 I am praying for you, friend. Your love for this babe is, indeed, breathtaking. <3 <3 <3

  2. You're nesting, Julia! Not much longer. Love you friend!

  3. She is beautiful! Only a little bit longer and you have her in your arms forever!
    Thinking about all of you! Best wishes!

  4. Why keep the picture backround? Mom + Dad + Elijah + Ben + Aaron + John + MARY = FAMILY, Mary's family!!!! simple math in Gods eyes. And I and many many others whether we know you personally or just here cover you all in prayer.



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