Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Heading Home

We are going home! 

What we have learned in the last few days... Our little girl is fragile! 

That has been a hard lesson for all of us.

Her little body can't handle things like fasting for surgery or anesthesia or disrupted sleep or anything else. It will throw her off in every way.

Being on the Keto diet makes her even more fragile.

We are going home today, even though little girl is still not back to normal. But we are hoping that being home will encourage her to eat again and getting good sleep will help her to heal faster. 

She's not throwing up and that is a HUGE plus.

Her blood work is back to 'normal' which is another HUGE plus.

She's still acting strange which has a lot of doctors scratching their heads. 

But she's not strange enough to keep her another day for which we are very grateful!!

Our one of a kind little girl made sure everyone knows that she is definitely one of a kind!!

Heading home and grateful for all the prayers! We are also grateful for the kindness of our friends and my dad who pitched in and helped us with our sons, provided us food and cared for us during these past few days.


  1. So glad things are better, and am hoping and praying for continued improvement each day ahead. Being home will be a huge relief to everyone.

    Hugs all round -
    Susan in Kentucky

  2. What a beautiful smile she has! She looks thrilled to be going home. Praying she improves quickly!

  3. Oh, that smile! That's worth anything!
    It's so sad that her previous room mate in the hospital watching TV loudly didn't let her sleep! It is hard to avoid situations like that in places like a hospital room. Sleeping is so important for healing!
    Sleep well, little Mary!

  4. Sending prayers for your family and your rare, precious jewel.

  5. Thinking of you Julia and hoping home helps her recover quickly.

    Sue H.


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!