Monday, February 28, 2011

It is Not Possible...

This video was sent to me by the Allen family whom we met in Aaron's country. Their little adopted girl, Irina, sang the song on this video to the judge when they went to court to get her (read that sentence again if you missed it!).  Imagine the shock of everyone in the courtroom when she began to sing this song.  You need to watch it.  You will need kleenex.  It is a heartwrenching song of adoption.  The Allen family is trying with all their hearts to go back and get another one, sweet Addison.  Another one who needs for them to cross the ocean. Because in real life... unlike in this video the little ones can't come to us.  And in real life.... sadly... it is possible for little ones to be lost without their Mamas.

There are so many orphans in this world who are crying out for their "one and only Mama" in their loneliness.   There are so many who need Mamas. They need Papas too. It is not possible for these little ones to cross the seas without help. It is not possible

Over the last week - two little ones whose Mamas and Papas were doing EVERYTHING to go get them died. Two little ones got lost at sea. Their families did not make it on time.

Yes, they are with the Lord. Yes. But the reality that little ones die in these places is so very real.
Who will heed the call to rescue these little lost ones before it is too late?  Who is going to go get Jonah and Heath and Eddie?  Who will go get the hundreds, thousands, millions more?

  And who will be faithful to help and assist all the families who are desperately trying to raise the money to go get them?  I know so many families who are sacrificing everything, selling the shirts off their backs - willing to go over in leaky boats or even ice rafts to get their kids out.   Desperate to go - faithful and true.  Church - we need to support them.  We need to dig deep into our pocketbooks and give these families what they need to bring their little ones home.  Home. 

Money should not be the deciding factor for why a child is left on the other side of the ocean.  Right now it is for the Allen family.  Go read their blog to understand their story.  It is for so many other families. 

Here are just a few families who need help.  They are so close  - so close to crossing the ocean.  Will you consider helping? - This family is doing an ipad giveaway!  They crossed the ocean last year and are trying to go back again this year to get this precious little one, Lydiah. - This family - the Stewarts - are close to meeting their son Ian (1st trip).  They have funds for the first trip but are short around 10,000.00 for the second trip.  Their need is great!  They were amazing in their support of us when we brought Aaron home. - This family - the Duecks are literally working around the clock making items to sell to fund their adoption of Katya.  They still need to raise over 15,000.00 to rescue their sweet little one. - This family is adopting Noah who is in the same orphanage where Masha, Eddie and Tori were.  They are also around 15,000.00 short of what they need.  The children in that orphanage suffer in so many ways.  It is the hearts desire of all those families who have been in that orphanage to have every single child who is available for adoption to be rescued as soon as possible.  Noah is one of them. 

Please consider helping these families.  Pray for them.  Encourage them.  Support them financially. 

It is not possible for these little ones to cross the ocean without help.  It is not possible.  But it is possible for the church to rise up and care for these orphans.  It is possible.


  1. Wonderfully written- I got your email on the yahoo group and came to check out your blog- Cindy is a good friend of mine- I love her dearly! Great video- I am totally going to share it- we are in process of getting our son from EE!

  2. Oh, son, Zach and I are sitting here crying, again! Thank you for including us with Lydiah! We still have such a long way to go. Thank you for being the voice of so many that are not heard!

  3. Julia, just sent you an email - hope you can make use of my suggestion - many thanks if so!

    This is such a touching cartoon - love the music and lyrics. Thanks so much for sharing it.

    Best wishes,
    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to Two from U.

  4. It is breaking my heart to find out that those two children died. I remember them from reece's rainbow. I can't wait until I'm able to bring a child home myself. For now, I will have to donate the little $ I have to help out.

  5. Thanks, Julia, for sharing about Katya! God knows how desperately she needs to get home!!!

  6. I have a video of my daughter singing that song. Breaks my heart :(
    I continue to pray for all of the kiddos still waiting. I know He will find a way for them... a way home.


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