Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but I do know this - if you are always holding the camera - then you never have to suffer getting your picture taken!

Yep.  Truth.

But sometimes.... not often but sometimes.... the husband does get hold of the camera.

Two weeks ago.

At Shriner's.

I have the pictures to prove it.

Want to see them?? 

The cutest pictures of Aaron with his Mama?

Okay - Mama is not cute but Aaron is pretty cute in those pictures. 

Want to see them?

Want to see more than just this coloring page version of one of them??

I'll be glad to post them - I truly will.

Despite my dislike of having my pictures on the blog.  Despite my disdain for being on the wrong side of the camera.

I will post them.  Because you need to see sweet Aaron with his Mama. 

But not today.  You don't get to see them today.

I'm waiting.

You see - My sweet Jonah still needs a family. Yes he does. He needs a Mama to cross the ocean for him because he is too little to navigate the waters by himself.

He needs pictures with HIS Mama.

Pictures where he is smiling.  Because we do not have ONE picture of Jonah smiling.

Don't you just long to see a smile on this little guy's face? 

Wouldn't you just love to see Jonah sitting happily next to HIS Mama?

Wouldn't that be priceless?

It is my heart's desire for this little boy. 

For him to have a Mama. 
And a Papa. 
And maybe some brothers and sisters. 
They would be icing on his cake!

Sweet lonely little Jonah.

So here's my challenge....

When Jonah's account reaches $4,161.50 then I will post the pictures. 

You will get to see some rare pictures of Aaron and his Mama.


That is our magic number.

Until then.... well... you will just have to use your imagination!


  1. I hope you reach the desired amount and then more. Everytime I see his face it touches my heart. He looks so lost doesn't he and I can only imagine why. Hugs

  2. LOL!!! You are good, Julia!!! Love you!!! And we've never met! But I know if I ever see you, I will run to you and hug you! I'm sure I will! I will have to! ;-)

  3. Clever, Julia!

    I guess Jonah's grant will rocket- after all man is a curious creature ;-)


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