Saturday, May 21, 2016

Seussical the Musical

These last two weekends I have had the fun privilege of watching my husband and sons performing in Seussical the Musical.
Elijah is the Cat in the Hat.  I know I am his mom. I know moms are biased.
I'm not biased.
He ROCKS the part!
I could watch him play the Cat in the Hat all day.
He's a total riot on stage and YES. He can SING.
Then there's Horton. My dear sweet husband fits that role like a glove.
Horton is the protector of the tiniest people on the planet...  

And also an abandoned egg...
Oh yes. He fits that part very very well.  And Yes. He can SING too.
And then there are my little cadets.

They make my Mama heart proud even though their little voices are not quite on the same level as their Papa and big brother...
They make up for it in cuteness and sincerity!
They have one more show tonight.  Rob and Elijah have the show tonight and another one on Sunday afternoon.
If you live in the Charlottesville area - you really need to come see them. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Shhhh!!! Don't Tell!!

We haven't told them yet so don't spill the beans...
Next week these two cuties are traveling with us to Florida to the FPEA Homeschool Convention. 

The convention just happens to be right near a certain park that one of our little boys has been drooling over ever since he learned that his brother went there two years ago...
Shhhhh... don't tell...
Next Wednesday this little boy gets to go to the Magic Kingdom!!
I'm still trying to figure out how we are going to tell them... All they know right now is they are getting a BIG SURPRISE!!



Friday, May 13, 2016

A Friday Story!

This week I was scrolling through Facebook in a few minutes of free time.  Trust me.  We are in the middle of tech week for Seussical and with teaching and dealing with BiblioPlan business stuff and cooking and cleaning and being a mom.... having those few free minutes to leisurely scroll through Facebook was RARE!!
So I was scrolling through and stumbled upon a mom who was asking for help to get a matching grant met.  Below her request was a link to a blogpost and to the sweetest story I have heard in a long time. 
It was about these two children.

A little girl and a little boy. 
Not brother and sister biologically but brother and sister in heart.
I sat stunned as I read the story.
There were tons of pictures in the blogpost and in each one were these two babes.  A little girl and a little boy who were as close as brother and sister could ever be.
Do you notice what I notice in the picture?  Do you see what I see?  Anyone who knows my Aaron would recognize that the little boy most likely has arthrogryposis.
Two little children who grew up together until one day a family came and adopted the little girl.
She left her brother behind.  But she did not forget him.  She carried his picture around.  She slept with it at night.  She asked over and over and over when he was coming home too.
They had to go back.
How in the world could they leave him behind? They didn't have the funds.  They didn't. It didn't matter. A little girl wanted her brother to come home.  They had room at their table.  They believe in a BIG GOD who cares for the brothers left behind.
They are IN COUNTRY now but still short of funds.  This is their 6th adoption. 
Their grant account needs to read $7,000 to be fully funded making them about $2,000 short.  Will you help?? He will be home in less than a week. The need is big. God is bigger!! 
To donate GO HERE.
To read the full story GO HERE. Take some tissue before you click.
I LOVE stories like that!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Old Farm Day Then and Now

The very first outing Aaron went on when he came home was to our local Old Farm Days.
He had only been home for three days when we put him in the van and drove him to look at a massive amount of 'machinas.'

He spoke not a word, stared at everything and wandered all over with us following behind like ducks in a row. To say he was overwhelmed was putting it mildly. But it was a good overwhelmed.
 It was pure heaven on earth for him.
The happiest moment was getting to ride in the little cars.
The Trash Man
He was one very happy little boy!
He loved it so much he went back around again in John's Body Shop.
We got home and the boy who NEVER naps fell fast asleep in his little chair.
Fast Forward to five years later....
He doesn't fit quite so nicely in the little car but he still LOVES it!

 And this year... the boy who rode in John's Body Shop happened to be...

John Himself!
It was his FIRST Old Farm Day experience.
Aaron was thrilled to share his happy place with his brother.
Granddad had a blast walking around with his two youngest grandsons.

The two little boys walked all around, talked a mile a minute, looked at everything, filled their bags with goodies from every single booth and I followed behind just like always.  


It was a special day for John.  Another new memory.  Another new place he can now say he has visited.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Best Part

The BEST Part of my mother's day is having all four of my sons under the same roof!!
Stay tuned...
For all you homeschooling moms... I'm going to share a really cool sale that's coming up next week...

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Hair Art

I'm thinking of starting a new career....

Hair Art by Julia

Whatcha think???