Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I Dropped the Ball

I've dropped the ball!
I promised my friend, Tammy Enberg, that I would help her raise funds for her adoption.  We both have adopted babes with arthrogryposis and have spent many hours hanging out at the Shriners Hospital together! 

Bringing Hope to Damaris
She's adopted 7 babes over the years.  Yes.  7. 
She's going back to adopt a beautiful girl who is the same age as Aaron. 
40502230723 Damaris (1)
Tammy's been trying to sell this shirt... Which is a really cool one...
Bringing Hope to Damaris
Despite yelling far and wide - she has only sold 22 of the 50 shirts she needs to sell in order to be able to place an order.
I know.
I'm asking for the impossible.
I need 28 people to buy a shirt.
If she can't get 28 people then NO ONE gets a shirt.
Please help me turn that sad face into a smile??
Bringing Hope to Damaris

Monday, July 28, 2014


Break out the party favors!!
The 2014 Homeschooling Convention Season is officially over for us!!
Aaron and I traveled to Georgia this past weekend and we came home last night and we are DONE  traveling!

That is NOT me.
But that IS most definitely how I feel right now....
Trying to co-write a 900 page book plus 13 products to go with that book AND deal with customers AND fill orders AND travel to TN, MD, OH, NC, CA, VA, FL, KY, TN, GA in 5 months AND be a Mom to three amazing sons AND do all the things needed to keep our family fed, dressed and clean is enough to make me want to crawl into my bed and not come out until next year!
It has been a hard summer.
Rob is as exhausted as I am because even though he hasn't traveled as much - he has put in more hours than I can count writing and dealing with website stuff, and orders and bills and being there for the boys and keeping me from jumping off the cliff (a full time job in and of itself) and customer issues and writing and writing and writing.    I came home yesterday and the tiredness in his eyes just made me want to cry. 
But we are seeing the light!!
I'm home without any trips planned until the end of September!!
We have a few more intense weeks as we spit out the final five products (out of 14) that need written.  And then we will be able to breathe...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wednesday Rally...

See this sweet little boy??
His Mama just got travel dates to GO GET HIM!!
They need to purchase plane tickets and are 1,122.00 short...
They have not had a tremendous amount of support in their adoption process.  Their grant account only reads $3,378.00 which means that MOST of what they have paid out has been out of their own pockets. 
They are wanting to purchase the tickets TOMORROW.
Please let's rally for the Buchanans.
They could really use our support!!

Their grant need needs to read $4,500.00...
Join in!!  Sow into the life of an orphan today!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

One Last Round

I know... some of you are ready for me to move on... Too many pictures... Too much reunion stuff...
I promise... No more after today...
But Aaron had a blast with Geri...
And Victoria..

And Daniel...

And Bobby...
Both Aaron and Bobby fell during the nightly get-togethers - Bobby ended up getting stitches and Aaron had a swollen elbow which is only now starting to go down.  So we kept them safe with a blanket, Legos and iPads and they were so happy playing together!!
 And the Wielhouwer brothers were so kind to help Aaron go down the slide!!
They rode with him down and carried him up the hill...
The king on the throne!
And these two... there are no words.
Andrea and Reece

Aaron was the first RR babe Andrea ever met...

We are so blessed that he gets to see her at these reunions.

And check out JJ - (Darren - RR)...

The sweetest little guy you would ever want to meet!!
How could I NOT share him with you??

And Atticus who has battled cancer and is winning...

Each one of these treasures so precious!!
Not every one an RR babe but so many are adopted and frankly ... I DON'T CARE!!

Look at this tiny little munchkin trying to kiss Boo Boo's nose...
Charlotte (RR Masha) was one of the first babes I hollered for ... just a tiny emaciated little girl in a crib. She's still tiny but she is a fighter. 

I have to share these babes...

They brought me such joy last week...

And this cutie..

Every single beautiful one of them...

Yeah... leaving them out would be a crime!!

I'm about done. 
Ready to move on...
Just scrolling through brings a grin to my face...
Happy memories... Sweet moments....
I would stop but there are SOME of you who want to see them!!

You are BEING BLESSED by seeing them...
Teeny Tiny Treasures Walking Free!!

 All of them.... Walking Free!!
I was blessed to be there. It was truly a God-honoring event.  Filled with visual reminders of His faithfulness. 
I'm hoping I can go again next year.
Aaron is PLANNING on it!!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Under One Roof

Aaron and I pulled into the driveway this morning after a week of traveling.
I fell into Rob's arms which is most definitely my happy place!
Ben beat us home - he flew in last night.
Aaron tracked Ben's airplane on the computer during the convention on Saturday - telling everyone who would listen that he was praying that no one would shoot his brother's plane down.
Yes, he knew what happened.
It was hard for him not to find out because he was there when Rob called me on Thursday, and he heard me cry out in shock and anguish when Rob told me that a plane filled with passengers had been shot down. 
I'll be honest. My rational head knew that Ben was not in any danger.  He was in a totally different part of the country where things were peaceful.  But, my irrational Mama heart wanted him home right then!  I spent Friday and Saturday just wanting him home. 
This afternoon, we sat in our little den sharing stories and laughing and talking.  It was peaceful and good.  I kept looking around the room and smiling.  Having all of us under one roof makes me very very happy indeed!
Home is always the bestest of places for me!
Grieving for Ukra*ne.  Grieving for all the families who lost loved ones.  Praying that those responsible will be brought to justice.  Praying too for an end to the conflict. 
Please pray with me.  It is a country in turmoil. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sweet Moments

It keeps me going.
These reunions.

I come away renewed.

What we do matters.
Orphans in families.

That's what this is all about.
Finding Mamas and Papas.

From abandoned to adopted.

Sweet moments like these...
Make all the time spent blogging and yelling worth it!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Fabulous Families

I want you to see them....
These families who have adopted...
So many of them you have supported...

Donated to so they could bring their treasures home!

These are but a few of the many many families who came this week.
Seeing them with their kids made me cry.
And laugh...
And cry some more...

They are fabulous!!
Whether they adopted one...
Or many...

Each family...
They get a Standing Ovation from Me!!

Meeting each one.  Hugging each mom.  Each dad.
Holding their kids...