Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Last Man Standing

Oh my gracious this last week has been nuts!

A little over a week ago this one started the whole mess!

Sunday afternoon he spiked a fever that knocked him off his feet. He missed an entire week of school and is still battling a cough.

On Tuesday he shared it with his brother who left school halfway through the day with a fever. He spent the rest of the week battling a fever which finally broke on Saturday.

On Wednesday my poor dad, who lives next door, started with the fever and it hit him so hard that by Saturday he had pneumonia. He's only now starting to feel better.

On Wednesday night Rob cried uncle and crawled into bed with the fever and cough.

That left little girl and me.

Who would be the last man standing??

On Thursday I drove her into town to get her fitted for a new helmet. One that will have a face guard that covers her entire face. It can't come soon enough. Her seizures are causing her to slam to the floor face first and the number of bloody noses is getting ridiculous. We are helpless. 

While we were at the hospital she started cluster seizing. Usually that means that status is coming. Ten minutes from home it came. I looked the mirror and little girl was in Mary-style non-stop seizure mode. When I pulled over and got to her, I realized that the fever had caught up with her too. 

I can't honestly say I handled the situation with the greatest of ease. Having your little one burning up with fever and seizing in her car seat with no extra set of hands to help and the temperature outside hovering around 25 degrees meant I was shaking from cold and nerves.  We no longer give her the rescue meds right away in case she goes into a tonic/clonic (grand mal) seizure. So I waited the designated 8 minutes and when she hadn't stopped I drew up her rescue med. Unfortunately, my shaking, freezing hands failed to tighten the atomizer on correctly and when I inserted the syringe into her nose and pushed in the medicine, it squirted all over her face. At that point she slipped into a tonic/clonic seizure.

Usually they last about 2-3 minutes and then she goes into a deep sleep.

Of course not this time.

This time she went from the tonic/clonic back to her Mary-style seizure mode. There was nothing I could do except call Rob and tell him to get some more rescue med ready, as we were coming home.

Five minutes from home, she finally stopped seizing.

We carried her in the house, gave her Tylenol and tucked her on the couch. An hour later she was seizing again. Once we got her through that round, her fever broke and she was a happy, silly little girl the rest of the day. 

As for me, the last man standing... I've somehow, by the Grace of God, been able to withstand this round of illness. My nerves are raw, I feel like I've been through the wringer, but I've been spared being knocked off my feet. 

Three sick children, a sick husband and a sick dad has been enough!

For all of you who have been praying and wondering about Mary...  I will share more in a different post. Thank you for caring!! We are being held up by your prayers, love and concern!