Monday, July 31, 2017

Can't You Just Picture Her?

Sweet boys and Mama...

Thank you Shelby for taking such sweet pictures of our little loves.


This morning I contacted our travel agent which makes everything very very real. There is something about buying plane tickets that brings to life the reality of what we are doing.

In case you missed our news....



Can't you just picture her in that picture above with her brothers???

For those who are asking and wondering about our  travel details... just Rob and I will be traveling on the first trip. We will be there for about 7-10 days and then will come home and wait for court.  We do want to take John and Aaron with us on either our court trip or pick-up trip but are not that far enough ahead in our planning to know exactly what we are doing. So stay tuned!!


Do you want to hear a secret???

The Adair family that I shared about HERE... They are considering adding another sweet one!  A little boy. Their household of girls is going to be totally upended by a noisy, precious, little boy.

Money is the ONLY THING standing in their way.

What is a ransom worth?

They have a $1,000 matching grant. Their grant account needs to read 3,193.00.  They are still 5,000 short for the girls and to add on another one is thousands more.

Oh Please Please Please!!!

Every 5.00 is doubled. 

Please help them reach their grant and maybe maybe a little boy who needs a family full of sisters will be opening presents under their tree this year.

Friday, July 21, 2017

A Rally Cry

I'm home from camp and trying to get back into the swing of life and work and stuff and such.

School starts for the boys in two weeks.

We have a new book that I desperately need to start working on. Rob has been writing for months, but I have yet to get started on my part.

I am editing the audiobook that Rob and the older boys made.

I have one last homeschool convention next week.

It is our busiest time of the year for our business.

We are leaving in 5 weeks.

I was up early early this morning so I could start attacking the to-do list.

But I took a break and checked Facebook.

After stumbling upon one post, I immediately set aside my to-do list. There is a family who is leaving in two weeks.


Rob and I have a real tender heart for this family because they adopted three little sisters a year ago. We met those sisters and spent time with when we were across the ocean. 

We fell in love with them and were so thankful that this family stepped up to adopt them.

They are heading back for two more sisters.

They are 8,000 short.

But what makes me really sad.... They have been listed on Reece's Rainbow for months now but they have only had 1,002.00 donated towards their adoption. 

They originally needed to raise 30,000 for their two girls and have basically moved heaven and earth on their own to raise 20,000 of that.  They are 8,000 short. They have sold stuff, crafted, sold more stuff, had auctions and on and on and on....

They leave in 2 weeks.

They are so short and a tad discouraged and could really use some support.

Oh please... please... please.... won't you give today?

Can we get their grant account moving?  I don't have anything to offer except a plea.

Can we rally for the Adairs???

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Lazy Days and NEWS!!

It's a Yogi Bear annual Reece's Rainbow reunion week...

Two little boys and Mama are here because big brothers were working and Papa had to stay home and tend to our little house in the disappearing woods... which is another fun post for later...

Two little boys and Mama and quite a few other people with us...

This is NOT everyone... 9:00 am is early for some to get up, dressed and up to the pavilion for group pictures.  So add about another 10+ families in this mix...

And add another 25+ babes in this picture full of yellow treasures... all Reece's Rainbow babes...  Oh I am in heaven!!

Thankfully Yogi didn't show up until AFTER pictures were taken!!  This is what a Yogi mob looks like!

Want to know what the BEST part of this lazy Yogi bear reunion is???

Having Nancy call us on a lazy Sunday afternoon in our cabin to tell us that we have travel dates!!!!!!


We are crossing the ocean at the end of August....


T H A N K   Y O U  J E S U S!!

Now back to a few more lazy days!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Waiting Oh So Patiently???

Waiting and waiting and waiting.

Waiting on travel dates.

Waiting and waiting.

We aren't the only family waiting for travel dates which means we are waiting for the families in front of us to get their travel dates, so that we can get travel dates ourselves. We are waiting in line with a bunch of others waiting in line.

Standing in line is tedious and wearisome. It's hard on the feet. It's hard to be patient.

I wouldn't mind the wait so much if fear wasn't constantly nipping at my heels. The fear of losing her is the greatest fear of all. My prayers before the throne are rather incoherent puddles of tears and pleas. I'm glad the Lord doesn't need my words to know my heart.

In the midst of my pleas before the throne are also words of utter thanksgiving. The kindness of friends, family and strangers who have been moved in their hearts to give takes our breath away. Words do not begin to convey our gratitude to each of you who have given so generously. 

Mary's puzzle will be a beautiful testimony to her and to us that God provides. Every single name on her puzzle will be a precious reminder that God cares deeply for orphans.

So we wait and we marvel and we pray...




Sunday, July 9, 2017


Happy Birthday, John

Thirteen Today!!

Let the Celebration begin!!