Sunday, May 30, 2010

18 YEARS...

     Eighteen years ago I married my best friend.  He is still my best friend!  That says it all!!

North Carolina Homeschoolers Rock!

     For three days I stood in a vending booth at the North Carolina Homeschooling Convention and shared with people about our history curriculum.  Aaron's bucket with his picture on it was at our booth.  We had 6 boxes of used books for sale and craft buckets that we were using to raise money for the adoption.  I shared his story with anyone who asked and I can't begin to tell you how many people asked.

     I met so many wonderful families there who had adopted and who knew all about the ups and downs of the journey we are walking.  So many of those dear adoptive families offered wonderful words of encouragement and wisdom.  What a blessing! 

I got to see pictures and meet many children who are adopted and loved!  Double blessing! 

     The generosity of those families was wonderful to behold.  Aaron's little bucket received so many donations from different families.  We sold all but one box of books and a number of craft buckets!  Triple blessings!   

     We gave out Aaron's picture to quite a number of families who agreed to lift him up in their prayers.  How grateful I am that more prayers are being lifted up to the throne for Aaron!

     I met three other families who are also on the same journey as our family!  What fun to hug, cry and laugh with people who are bringing children home from China, Guatamala and Ethiopia.  Next year when I go back maybe I will get to see these kids! 

     The neatest part of the weekend happened on the third day.  It was in the last 10 minutes of the convention and our booth was rather chaotic with last minute sales going on and our kids reaching their limit of patience for the whole weekend.  In the midst of the noise I heard someone cry out "That's Aaron!"   Aaron's picture was on the bucket as well as his name but the way they said his name made me know instantly that someone knew who my little guy was!  I turned around and a dear lady and her daughter were standing there. 

They knew Aaron from Reece's Rainbow! 
They recognized his picture! 

I was beyond excited.  My FIRST encounter with a real live flesh and blood Reece's Rainbow family!!  I know I hugged them several times.  It was just too sweet.  Someone who knew my son from a website.  Someone who knew about Reece's Rainbow.  Oh how special was that moment for me.  I didn't get their name but did give them our blog so PLEASE if you are reading this - dear family in NC - I want to talk to you some more!  They are not adopting YET but I am praying that the doors open and they will be able to get the child of their heart.  Please add your prayers to mine for them.  The longing in their eyes touched deep into my soul.  Their little Reece's Rainbow girl NEEDS them in her life!  Oh how precious were those few short minutes that I spoke with them!

     It was a great weekend with reminders from every corner that God is continuing to be at the helm in this process.  He knows what we need and continues to provide.  Bit by bit, piece by piece.  He is providing. 


Friday, May 28, 2010


According to UPS tracking - our paper arrived!  Now we just wait to hear about  being submitted.  Hopefully next week....


In the midst of a very hard week and battling with faith and trust issues, I have been sent encouragement from THREE different sources.

On Monday evening while participating on the chat for people who are all adopting from Aaron's country one of the members shared with me a dream they had of Aaron...  They dreamed that he was standing outside the institute, looking just as sweet and normal as could be, with a little suitcase by his side.  We pulled up in a car and Aaron ran to the car and off we drove. 

A simple dream but what a picture.  My little Aaron waiting for us with suitcase in hand, ready to jump in our car and head for home!  Precious!  I have carried that picture with me as I've struggled this week. 

The second word of encouragment was on my Facebook this morning.  So many people have shared with us how they were praying for Aaron BEFORE we ever knew about him.  This was another incredible story from a family who began to pray for Aaron in December when they found out he had been transferred to the mental institute.  They are missionaries in West Africa so adopting him was not an option.  They shared his story with a sister who also considered adopting him but since she was having a baby - that was not an option either.  So both families began to pray that God would bring a family to adopt Aaron.  A loving, Godly family.  This family e-mailed us this morning to encourage us that God answered their prayers in January when we committed to Aaron.  They are covering us with prayer daily as we walk this road.  Amazing reminder AGAIN that God raised up an army for Aaron long before we knew about him. 

Finally - we received an e-mail this morning that someone made a 5,000 dollar donation into our Reece's Rainbow account for Aaron.  Unbelievable. 

In three ways God provided -emotionally (picture of Aaron with a suitcase), spiritually (prayer from the ends of the earth) and physically (5,000 donation).  What an AMAZING GOD WE SERVE! 

I am speechless, in tears and in awe! 


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Arrived.. almost

     Our paper arrived in Aaron's country this morning.  It isn't yet in the hands of our facilitators but it has arrived... a day late... more grey hairs added to my head ... taking the long route to get there... but it did arrive. 

     I leave for a Homeschooling Convention this morning to sell our History curriculum.  Three days of talking!   At our booth we will be selling craft books, used books and history craft buckets to raise money for Aaron!  Hopefully we will get a lot of sales as we are still trying to get to our 26,000 dollar goal!

     Puzzle update coming soon.... if you have not bought a puzzle piece.... let me just say... you'd better hurry because there are very few pieces left! 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


     A day late but Aaron's paper is finally overseas.  Thank you Lord!  It has two more countries to go before it reaches its final destination!  UPS is going to reimburse our money ($96.00) for the MAJOR mess-up!   I'm still not going to relax until that precious piece of paper is in the hands of our facilitator. 

UPS... What can Brown NOT do for you!

      I woke up this morning (6 am) for Rob to tell me that our precious piece of paper is now in Louisville, Kentucky.  Not what I wanted to hear.  Can someone please enlighten me why my paper went in the OPPOSITE direction?  Last time it flew out of Philadelphia (6 hours after we mailed) and was in Europe in less than 24 hours.  My heart.  I watched a video this morning that is on You Tube about children in a mental institute in Bulgaria.  Oh my heart.  Another week our little guy has to wait.  One more week may not seem like much to us in our safe lives but one more week for him in a world of chaos and neglect is eternity.  Please dear Lord, part these waters. 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm so not in control!

     Nothing is easy! 

UPS worked miracles 3 weeks ago to get our dossier to Aaron's country and so I returned in hopes that they would repeat their performance. 
Our paper has not gotten past first base. 
 It is sitting in Charlottesville - 30 minutes away.  It's been resting for 24 hours. 
I guess  I wore out the paper yesterday with all my frantic chasing and it needed to take a coffee break!! 

      I called UPS tonight when it wasn't tracking and NOW it has been scanned!  Someone found my lonely little package and NOW it may be moved.  Too late for a Thursday submission.  Too late.  None of this is in my control.  Each step is hard and we haven't even gotten to Aaron's country yet.  Again and again and again we are forced to go back to what we said when we first committed to Aaron - we are doing this in Faith - jumping off a climb and wanting to see what GOD is going to do in our lives and Aaron's. 

   Oh we are learning about Faith.  I am learning that it is not about me and my plans and my agenda.  It is about faith and trust.  It is about taking one terribly hard, painful step at a time.  It is about believing that GOD is ABLE even though we are not.   He IS Able.  He is in control.  Again and again and again I have to be reminded that HE HOLDS AARON and HE HOLDS US in his hands.  My paper may not make it in time but okay... it will get there eventually.  God WILL move this mountain.  It will be in HIS time - for HIS glory.  Truly for HIS glory because when it is all said and done...


Monday, May 24, 2010

Focus on the Prize

     I'm glad I have Aaron's picture at the top of this blog to help me keep focused on what we are doing.  His dimples, his smile - that is what I am working toward!  Those dimples first knocked me off my feet when I saw them in December and they continue to call me back when I feel like going to pieces over the heart-wrenching, stomach twisting parts of this process. 

     This morning I fell apart.  Completely, totally fell apart.

     Today was important in that we were trying to get the extra paper requested of us by our  facilitator finished and mailed to Aaron's country.  I had to get our CPA in the same room as our notary and get the paper signed.  Then I had to take the signed paper to Richmond (our state capital) to get the notary's signature certified.  Finally a run to the mailbox place to pay boatloads of money to send that paper to Aaron's country by the fastest means possible (UPS...again). 

     After arranging the notary and the CPA meeting and finishing up that phase I came back home only to look at the papers and panic.  Full-blown, crying panic that they were not signed correctly.  I e-mailed everyone that I knew to check the paper.  I called Rob and he agreed that he thought the paper was probably wrong when I described it.  I called one of the facilitators on the phone and after a very tense thirty minutes... I was right.  The error was ridiculous but nonetheless... it had to be re-done.

     I fell completely apart.  I was up at 5:30 am worrying over this one document and thought I had all my ducks in a row.  Before I even got out of the block I had messed up.   The CPA and notary did not work in the same county and I couldn't even reach the CPA on the phone.  An hour later I was still shedding buckets of tears and trying to reach anybody who could reach anybody who could connect me to the CPA. 

     I finally reached him but alas, there was no notary available at his office.  My notary could not drive down.  What to do.... After much discussion, we finally worked it out and after a whole bunch of running around, the paper was signed...correctly.

     In the midst of the horror, when the tears were pouring and I couldn't get under control, I stopped to e-mail the Reece's Rainbow group to ask for prayer.  I confessed that I was in shambles and just needed prayer.  They responded.  They prayed.  I left the house to get the paper fixed and suddenly I just calmed down.  Deep in my spirit the calm came.  Weary, tired, but no longer with a heart of chaos.  The tears stopped.  I was able to breathe.  I became rational and was able to pray myself.  The following verses came to me... I will let them speak for themselves. 

Hebrews 12: 1-3 "Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Consider him who endured such opposition from sinful men, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart."

     The signed, notarized and certified paper is now on its way to Aaron's country. Dad drove me to Richmond so that I could rest after the traumatic paper chase. I mailed it this afternoon and will begin tracking it when it gets in the system.

    Fixing our eyes on Jesus and focusing on the dimples.... One more day closer to Aaron...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Chutes and Ladders

It is SO HARD to feel like I am in the middle of  a board game
(think Chutes and Ladders),
and I have to watch other people progressing quickly up the game,
 landing on the ladders and we keep sliding down the chutes. 

Don't get me wrong- I SO REJOICE with them. 
I want the kids rescued.
I thrill to read their blogs and to follow their adoption.
I just want to be going WITH them!

We were so close to submission and to hit a chute wrenches the stomach. 
They say that 'good things come to those that wait',
 Each day seems like forever. 
I need patience and I need it yesterday!!  

  I'm TRYING SO HARD to keep busy,
 but always, always and always at the back of my mind is a little boy sitting alone whom the Lord laid on OUR HEARTS to rescue.

I'm not alone. 
There are other Reece's Rainbow families
who have hit as many if not more chutes than we have.
Some have been waiting for over a year.
My heart bleeds for them.  I spend much time in prayer for their journeys.
Each time they share their agony I want to send comfort and peace.

It is so hard to wait.

I don't particularly like Chutes and Ladders right now...

Although I might get Aaron one for Christmas.

I'd love to play with him in my lap!

Friday, May 21, 2010


     Yesterday was hard.  Knowing that we weren't going to be submitted and having to patiently (ha) wait until Monday before we can get the paperwork done to get back on track weighed heavy on my heart.  I spent a lot of time praying and trying to stay busy.  I actually accomplished much.  I finished the first lesson for the LAST book for our history curriculum... 33 lessons on Medieval history to go!  That was major!  It took 3 weeks to get that lesson finished.  Usually I can do one in a week (30+ hours).  I'm relieved I was able to jump that hurdle. 

     I also played basketball with Ben and won.  I always win.  Of course I get to make up the rules.  He just laughs and plays along.  I love Ben.  I love his easy-going spirit.  I love to hear him laugh.  I love beating him at basketball despite the fact that he is a head taller than me!

    Elijah and I started our 'weeding the flowerbed and driveway' project.  Somehow a whole bunch of the perennials I planted a year ago (I am so NOT a gardener) moved and ended up coming up in the driveway instead of the flowerbed.  So we re-planted.  He's going to try to control the weed issue this year in the flowerbed/driveway in order to earn some money so he can track his finances for a Boy Scout Eagle Required Merit Badge.... Somedays I love Boy Scouts! 

     Elijah cracks me up.  His projects keep my house from ever being organized.  Right now on my kitchen counter he has a huge bucket filled with colored water and other stuff for what??? No idea.  I just work around it.  My loveable, scientist, builder, cook, book reading cuddly little boy! 


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Open your heart....

Meet Emory and Artem
These two precious children have several things in common.  They both have Downs Syndrome, they are living in orphanages and they were the little angels we picked for the angel tree at Christmas time.  It was because of these two precious babies that we stumbled upon Aaron's picture. 

 They need a Mommy and a Daddy.  Emory is in fragile condition and desperately needs medical care and parents who will advocate for him.  Artem is close to the age of transfer (like Aaron).  Both of these boys have no chance of a future where they are living.  They need out.

Maybe, just maybe, someone will read this and be touched in their hearts to rescue one of these little guys. 
I will be praying.   

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


     The adoption world has been rocked today.  One of our Reece's Rainbow angels died this morning.  Little Chrissie.  Adopted last fall from Serbia with a heart condition that was so severe that the doctors were amazed she survived her first few days.  Dear little Chrissie spent her first four years in an orphanage praying for a Mommy and Daddy to care for her.  Last year the Pattersons brought her into their family, an orphan no more.  She thrived in their home.  Happy.  Watching the transformation over the few months she was with them was amazing.  It was a window into what happens to a heart that has been transformed by God's redeeming power. 

From this.... Just another child in a crib....



     Chrissie had open-heart surgery over a month ago to repair her heart.  She died this morning after a month-long battle after that surgery.  You can read her story HERE.  Our family has been praying for Chrissie for a long time and this morning when we discovered that she is now in the loving arms of Jesus, we wept.  We wept tears of joy that she is no longer suffering and is with the Father of all of us who are orphans and strangers in this world.  But we also wept tears of deep sorrow.  We grieve for a family who loved her enough to go to any lengths to bring her home.  We grieve that their little princess won't be laughing at their table and dancing with their other children.  We grieve because we have come to love Chrissie.  Her joy.  Her fighting spirit.  Her hunger for a family.  The little Serbian Sensation. 

Chrissie has been a window for us into the Father's heart.  It has reminded us of what it means to be adopted into His family.  Precious to Him.  Loved.  Adorned. 

Dear little Chrissie - We are going to miss your smile!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


     We fell off the submission track.  The facilitator in Aaron's country wants another paper.  We found out tonight.  It hasn't been a very pleasant few hours as we try to work out what we can do.  It involves needing our CPA who is currently NOT in our state and will not be back until Monday to write another letter.  I'm sad.  Sad that Aaron has to stay several weeks longer.  Sad that I can't get the necessary paper fixed tomorrow but have to wait until next week.  Sad that we didn't find out until now.  Just plain sad. 

     As I was driving home tonight I was thinking about how hard this whole process is.  We have watched and are watching so many adoptions and it seems that each one hits snags, bumps and outright canyons in their process.  It's hard to adopt.  It is emotionally and physically draining.  It completely knocks all the props out from under you.   You are left to hold onto only the promises that God is on His throne and though we can't see the why's - He can.  He is not shocked that we fell off the track.  He is not dismayed that we are delayed several weeks.  He holds Aaron in His loving arms and He holds us. 

I'm sad tonight.  I'm also grateful that I serve a God who understands my grief and carries me through. 

Pray for the Shupps...

     Please pray for Freddie's family.  Their blog is  HERE.  Their papers were supposed to be submitted yesterday and Aaron's are supposed to be submitted on Thursday and we were going to be in the country at the same time!  I was so looking forward to meeting them.   Lyndi has been a real God-send to me as I have waded through these deep waters.  Unfortunately a tiny error on their paperwork has kept their papers from being submitted and they are now back to scrambling around trying to fix the problem.  Please pray for them.  My heart aches.  Because of one small issue Freddie has to wait even longer for his family!

     It could just as easily happen to us which makes this whole process so unbelievably unpredictable and scary.  We feel so vulnerable and helpless so much of the time.  Please keep praying for us.  Our papers are supposed to be submitted on Thursday.  

Monday, May 17, 2010

QUICK Puzzle Post..


29 PIECES.....



If you have not made a donation - you had better hurry!!!



  In the next several weeks I will be attending two different Homeschooling Conventions.  I will be helping to sell a history curriculum that Rob and I have spent the last two years working on almost daily - BiblioPlan.  In light of needing to still raise almost 10,000 dollars, these Conventions are rather important for us. 

     If you are a Homeschooling family OR a family who loves history - PLEASE CHECK OUT this out:  BIBLIOPLAN - It is an all-in-one history/geography/art/literature/writing curriculum.  It is a four year program - Ancients, Medieval, Early America and World and Modern America and World.  It is designed so that all your children can do it together.  It is the least expensive history program on the market!!  Rob and I wrote the Parent Companions and created the Maps, Craft booklet and Cool History Packet and those are the items where we make a cut of the profits. 
     The really neat part about the e-book Parent Companions is that EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT USING THE BIBLIOPLAN GUIDE or EVEN IF YOU DON'T HOMESCHOOL, the Companions are so rich in information that they will go with ANY history program you are using.  They are e-books in order to keep the price down to a very cheap 16.95 for Ancients (it is both World and Bible history combined) and 12.95 for the other two. 

Medieval is still being written.  We plan on selling Medieval to those who are interested and e-mailing it piecemeal so if you are interested in Medieval - LET ME KNOW!!  I started writing the first lesson this past week...

Please check out BIBLIOPLAN and tell your friends!  If you are part of a Co-op - We have a whole section on the website for you!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Meagan's Speech

My 14 year old niece, Meagan, wrote a speech for her forensics class.  Talk about ripping our hearts out!  Precious words from a precious young lady! 


     Last thanksgiving, my Aunt Julie and my Uncle Rob made a decision that would change their lives forever. I didn’t think they were serious, the way my cousins talked about it they just thought their Mom was just… going through a phase I guess. But, when we got the letter in the mail, I knew she wasn’t kidding. When I pulled out the little piece of paper and saw a cute little boy with blonde hair and dimples smiling up at me, I realized how serious this was. My cousins were really, truly adopting a child.

     His name is Aaron. He’s a cute little six year old boy living with athrogryposis. And no, I don’t expect you to have any idea what that is. Athrogryposis is a non-progressive disease that is described as having curved or hooked joints.

      I’m really glad that my cousins stepped up to the challenge of adopting him. The only setback they have is the loads of paperwork, time, and $26,000 out of their pockets. Now, my cousins aren’t rich, and even if they were, $26,000 is a lot to just give up. How does someone raise that much money? My Aunt started a blog a while ago, where you can go and donate to their fund. And who wouldn’t? As soon as you see Aarons cute little smile, his dirty blonde hair, his bright blue eyes, you know you have to do something for that.

     As a fourteen year old girl with limited allowance, I felt helpless. I still do. I can only donate so much. Up until March, I couldn’t do anything for Aaron. But, on March 1st, I read on my aunts blog that they were making a puzzle for him. She decided to take a 500 piece puzzle of balloons and turn it into something better. On the back of each puzzle piece, she would write the name of someone who donated $5 for Aaron. When she gets 500 pieces, she would put the puzzle of names together and then hang it up in his room, so Aaron (whenever he gets here,) knows just how many people loved him home.

     I sprung at the idea of helping with that. All last month, I got together as many people as I could to donate $5 for Aaron. I put every donation into an envelope, which I kept in a secret place, just to be safe. When I was sure that I got every donation I could, I sent it to my Aunt. I still have yet to hear from her, (because I sent it last week.) but I can imagine how she will react when she gets it. I hope she doesn’t make a big deal out of it, I was just doing my part. No THANK YOU SO MUCH MEAGAN! Or a I LOVE YOU FOR DOING THIS MEAGAN!, please. I’d just rather silently smile at myself for doing something for my soon-to-be cousin.

Quick update...

     I received an e-mail yesterday saying that our dossier (and Freddie's) will be submitted next Thursday. 

Praise the Lord!  

     Rob is going to start the 'paint Aaron's room' project this afternoon.  I've been finding the coolest stuff at yard sales and am so excited to decorate.  My boys were BIG Thomas the Tank Engine fans and so I can't wait to unpack the train boxes that have been in storage and get them out for Aaron to enjoy!  Most likely his two older brothers will enjoy them again too!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Too Long...

      We didn't hear anything yesterday or this morning one way or the other about whether our dossier was submitted.  I'm assuming it was not.  I'm sad this morning as next Thursday seems so long from now.  Each week that goes by is one more week that Aaron sits alone in a mental institute.  I used to work in a mental institute for the mentally handicapped in the 1980's in New Jersey.  If Aaron's institute is anything like what I experienced while working as a nurse in that facility, well...... let me just say that I can't finish the sentence. 

     I've tried my hardest to NOT think about it.  I turn my brain off whenever my heart gets too close to imagining what his life is like.  Each day I have to push down the thoughts and entrust them to the Father who knows the plight of the orphan... my little orphan. 

     We are so totally dependent upon God's hand in all of this.  It is HARD!  I would be lying if I said it wasn't.  My faith is being stretched in a way that hurts.  Last night we sat and counted how many weeks we may have to wait before we go to see him.  It may not be until July and that makes me shudder.  He has been in a mental institute since sometime around September or October.  That is TOO LONG!  My heart is grieved within me!

Please pray with and for us.  Pray for Aaron. 

Thursday, May 13, 2010







Our dossier is in Aaron's country.  It sits.  Probably in a pile with a bunch of others.  It represents one child.  One life.  Hope.  Today is Thursday and each week, on Thursday, the dossiers at the top of the pile are submitted to the governmental agency that processes adoptions.  Today Aaron's paperwork could be submitted.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  I will find out sometime today.  Waiting and hopeful but trying hard not to get my hopes too high.  If not - well, next Thursday is only 7 days from now.  Sigh!

Please continue to pray for Aaron.  Where he is living is lonely and dark.  He desperately needs our prayers!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Since I am backstage manager for the Wizard of Oz - I don't have a lot of time to take pictures.  I did get this one though with my dear family members!   Rob is the Tin Man, Elijah is the cute Witch's guard with the red hat on and Ben is the Wizard (wearing green)!  The rest of the characters all live in our county so this picture is going in our local newspaper!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

     Sorry.  I'm not joining in the chorus of 'Happy Mother's Day'.  Don't get me wrong.  I love being a Mom.  It is the highlight of my life apart from being married to Rob.  But this day is not my favorite day of the year.  It stopped being my favorite when nine years ago colon cancer robbed me of my Mom and it robbed my kids of their Grandmom. This weekend Ben played the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz and she didn't get to see him.  Elijah was serving breakfast pancakes for Boy Scouts this morning and he didn't get to serve her.  In a few months Aaron will sit around our table and she will not get to love on him and watch him grow.  I miss her.  I am sad that my Mom is missing my boys grow up.  I'm sad that she doesn't get to be a part of our adoption of Aaron.  Mother's Day is a bit sad for me.  I miss my Mom!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A needed encounter...

It's been a wild week for the Wizard of Oz.  I woke up exhausted this morning and in need of a diversion so I went out to do my favorite activity - hunting for bargains at yard sales!

My first stop was at a charity sale for AN ADOPTION!!  The family is adopting a little girl from Guatamala.  I shared with them Aaron's picture and they showed me the little one and smiles were shared all around.  When I left, I gave them a 20.00 dollar donation.  It was one of those Holy Spirit shouts in my ear that I needed to donate to their adoption.  I bought 20.00 worth of stuff so this was on top of the donation.  I drove away wondering how we are ever going to raise 10,000 if I keep having Holy Spirit shouts like that.  It isn't the first time in the last few weeks that I have felt compelled to give.  Each time I have obeyed and wondered.  Today I wondered the most.  I began to weep and pray as I drove to the next yard sale.  Wondering.  Worrying.

The next sale was a church sale and they are the best.  The sale was winding down so bags were being handed out to fill for a buck!  I love those kinds of sales.  I was happily filling up my dollar bag with books when I heard a 'hello' from across the table.  I looked up and saw a lady I hadn't seen in five years.  We greeted and shared info about our kids.  I told her about Aaron and pulled his ever-ready picture out of my purse to show her.

She gasped.  She knew him.  She had been praying for him for months.  He was on the board at her child's Christian school and each day the children pray for him.  I stood there in shock.  A Holy Spirit moment.  Tears came and still do.  Out of nowhere, God reached down and touched my spirit.  He is in charge of this adoption not me.  He has raised up an army of people to pray for Aaron that I know nothing about.   He is orchestrating this concert and our family is just along for the ride.  Oh what release.  The Holy Spirit, in His infinite wisdom is not only touching my heart to encourage a family in THEIR adoption, but is touching other hearts to pray for our little guy!  

What wonderous love is this!
What a loving God we serve! 
What rest.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Puzzle Time!!

We are in the home stretch for our 500 piece puzzle!!  We are adding 47 pieces to our puzzle....


Only 59 puzzle pieces left.  If you want your name on Aaron's puzzle.... you had better hurry!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


     We are on a crazy schedule this week!  It is 'Tech' week for the Wizard of Oz production and each night we are doing 3+ hours of practice.   We are all a bit exhausted. 

     I am the backstage manager for the shows.   I do a little bit of everything and then some.  Tech week is especially crazy for me but overall quite fun.  My greatest pleasure in the week is working with the kids.  We have over 100 children of all ages in the shows (split into two casts) and I oversee all of them. 

     One night this week one dear little Munchkin was herded backstage with the other 40 or so Munchkins to get set to go on stage.  Unfortunately, in the confusion, she ended up unable to find her 'spot.'  When I realized she was missing, I went and found her and placed her where she needed to go but it was just too much for her little heart.  Sobs erupted and she cried out "I want my Mommy."  I knelt down in front of her and tried to console her but it just wasn't enough so I picked her up.  She immediately threw her little arms around my neck and held on for dear life, crying out the stress of being 'lost.' 

    As I held that dear little Munchkin and felt her tears and whispered soothing words in her ear I was hit with a longing that poured from deep within my soul.  I wanted it to be Aaron in my arms.  I wanted to be soothing his heart, his cries for a Mommy when his world was too much for him.  I want to be his Mommy.  I am so longing for the day to be his Mommy.

The little Munchkin's Mommy was not far. She was probably out in the hall or sitting in the car waiting for her little one's practice to be over. In a short time her Mommy would come in and see her and hold her and be there for her.   Her 'lostness' would be over.

I'm so far from Aaron right now.  He's in Europe, far away, 'lost'.  Yet each day I am one step closer.  One step closer to being Aaron's Mommy.  Oh how I long for that day when Aaron will be 'lost' no more.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What Can Brown Do For You...Part 4...

What can Brown do for you?????


Freddie and Aaron's papers have been delivered.  Safe.  Sound. Wow!

I'm SO Grateful they didn't use this.... to deliver our precious documents!!

What Can Brown Do For You...Part 3...


This morning at 6:00 am Rob and I ran down to the computer to track Aaron's papers. 


Dancing a jig or two...

They have already passed through customs and are, AS I TYPE, being delivered to our facilitators house!!

Happy Day!  Praise the Lord...

Aaron - your Mommy and Daddy are coming soon!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What Can Brown Do For You...Part 2...


Our papers left yesterday and tonight...



What Can Brown Do For You...

The UPS truck is on the move.....

Yesterday afternoon Aaron's precious papers left Charlottesville and arrived in Richmond.  Unresting, they  traveled through the night to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, arriving there at 2:00 am.  We wait with great anticipation to find out where they are going to 'land' next!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Letting go...

I didn't want to let Aaron's papers go today... I drove to Richmond to get the last two papers certified and now all the papers contain a golden seal from the State of Virginia... Don't they look beautiful???

It was so hard to let them go.  To place them in the hands of UPS and walk away.  They represent a lot of sweat, tears, frustration and anxiety.  A whole lot of prayer.  Aaron's papers. 

They leave tonight for Aaron's country.  We are going to track them as soon as they get in the system.  Riding along with Aaron's papers is a precious document for this beautiful boy - Freddie.

His parents are watching our package with as much love and concern as we are.  Their adoption blog is here
I have this to share about dear Freddie.  Before we ever saw Aaron's picture, we saw Freddie's.  We read his story, his need and our hearts ached for him.  We prayed that Freddie would find a family because at that point we were not looking to adopt.  A few weeks after we saw Freddie's picture - we found Aaron.  I believe that having our hearts yearn for Freddie was one of the many small ways that God was preparing us to see Aaron's picture for the first time.  When Freddie found his family we rejoiced.

Knowing how Freddie touched our hearts, I am thrilled to be able to have a small part in his adoption journey

So... Please pray for our papers that they will have an UNEVENTFUL trip across the ocean and into the hands of our able facilitators. 

The next phase of this amazing and scary journey is beginning.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Day



Laugh of the day... the Congressman's envelope arrived... WITHOUT the copy of the Golden Ticket!  The envelope contained a letter telling us that the 171h was enclosed but the envelope was empty! 
We got a big laugh out of that one. 

 But, we hold in hand, and have already made copies of the PRECIOUS piece of paper that approves us for the adoption of one special needs boy between the ages of 2-7! 


The other needed paper arrived in the same mailbox so on Monday afternoon - barring unforseen difficulties... our dossier will head for Aaron's country!

To add to our joy.... We were given a partial list of all the people who donated through Reece's Rainbow into our account since the middle of April.  We had NO IDEA who you all were and we just stand humbled and overjoyed at your outpouring of love for our family and Aaron!  If you wondered why we didn't say thank you... it is because we have only seen the list today... Some of you we don't even know....

So...Jacque, Asher, Ken, Margaret, Phil, Jennifer, Marilyn, Richard, Laura, Tracy, Joshua, Kimberly, Rusty and Katie - THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!!

We've been told that this is not a final list and there are other names to be added.... Boy do we feel overwhelmed right now!

My dad, who is the one who writes names on our puzzle is away until Tuesday but just to let you know... We have less than 65 pieces left on our puzzle!!! 

Postal prayers...

So... 171h is still enroute to my house via of a very slow postal system!  BUT... the Congressman's office mailed their copy of the 171h to our house and we can use THAT copy in our dossier without waiting for the official paper.  BUT... we are waiting for THAT copy to arrive via of a very slow postal system!  HOPEFULLY BOTH will arrive in today's mail.  I'm planning on a trip to Richmond on Monday if either paper arrives today! 

Yesterday I checked and re-checked our paperwork to make sure everything is correct.  I was being so careful... checking off every form, every paper, planning my trip to Richmond if the 171h arrived in time, planning the trip to the mailing center to send off the dossier etc. etc.  I was prepared and feeling quite please..

Then I realized that I DIDN'T HAVE THE ADDRESS FOR AARON'S COUNTRY!  Too funny!  I don't think that putting "Aaron's Country" on the box would work!  A quick e-mail to my wonderful Reece's Rainbow facilitators gained me that wonderful address and so I can now check that important detail off my list.

On a note and to add prayers to our list... Another family in the Reece's Rainbow world has sent a paper that was missing from their dossier in the mail to us so that it can ride along with Aaron's paper.  That paper is SUPPOSED to arrive today!  Please pray that their precious piece of paper and our precious piece of paper arrive today!