Saturday, May 1, 2010

Postal prayers...

So... 171h is still enroute to my house via of a very slow postal system!  BUT... the Congressman's office mailed their copy of the 171h to our house and we can use THAT copy in our dossier without waiting for the official paper.  BUT... we are waiting for THAT copy to arrive via of a very slow postal system!  HOPEFULLY BOTH will arrive in today's mail.  I'm planning on a trip to Richmond on Monday if either paper arrives today! 

Yesterday I checked and re-checked our paperwork to make sure everything is correct.  I was being so careful... checking off every form, every paper, planning my trip to Richmond if the 171h arrived in time, planning the trip to the mailing center to send off the dossier etc. etc.  I was prepared and feeling quite please..

Then I realized that I DIDN'T HAVE THE ADDRESS FOR AARON'S COUNTRY!  Too funny!  I don't think that putting "Aaron's Country" on the box would work!  A quick e-mail to my wonderful Reece's Rainbow facilitators gained me that wonderful address and so I can now check that important detail off my list.

On a note and to add prayers to our list... Another family in the Reece's Rainbow world has sent a paper that was missing from their dossier in the mail to us so that it can ride along with Aaron's paper.  That paper is SUPPOSED to arrive today!  Please pray that their precious piece of paper and our precious piece of paper arrive today!  

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