Tuesday, June 23, 2020

PJ's and Hot Dog Roasts

We are still quarantined and trying hard to make the best of it...

PJ's all day some days.... and lots of nap times (but only for kittens)

Lots of reading times!

"The Spooky Old Tree" as read by Mary Nalle to Molly and Max...

Daily visits from my dad... and more naps in the most unusual places!

Cooking dinner outside..

And yes... PJ's and Sunglasses on Little Girl!!

Hot dogs and chips for dinner is the life!!

Roasting takes great concentration!

Proof positive that we are working hard at making the most of quarantine in our little house on the hill!!

PJ's and Hot Dog Roasts... and funny little kittens who have a way of keeping us chuckling!

Can't work any harder than that!!!