Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Secret of Life

(Rob writing)

My wife Julia and I have been married for 20 years today, May 30, 2012.

Last week Julia was away at a home schooling convention for three days, trying to sell our BiblioPlan materials so that we can eke out our meager living. I almost never go with Julia to her conventions, for a very good reason: I stay away from sales because, as my old Dad used to say, I “couldn't sell new dollar bills for 50 cents apiece.” So all of the sales responsibilities fall upon poor Julia and our partner, while I remain behind to manage a task for which I am equally ill-suited-- taking care of our boys.

Near the end of Julia’s increasingly frequent absences, the boys and I begin to get desperate. All three boys are so sure I’m going to burn their supper that I practically have to drag them to the table by their collars. When they finally break down and join me, we all pray for Mom’s safe return, and we mean every word of those prayers. This past Saturday night, after spending three long, dreary days deprived of the light that my wife brings into my life, I looked at Ben and reminded him of something that I’ve known for more than 20 years now: “A good woman is the only thing that makes the life of a man worth living.”

If you’ve ever seen the Disney movie “Up,” then you’ll understand what I mean: Julia’s Ellie, and I’m Carl. Ellie is adventurous, talkative and vivacious, bursting with life and love. Compared to Ellie, Carl is cautious, silent and dull; but he does have one thing going for him: He appreciates the treasure that he’s found in Ellie. Carl’s greatest joy in life is listening to Ellie’s excited chatter about going on adventures and saving the world. Every time Ellie launches into one of her animated talks, Carl’s face takes on an expression of serene satisfaction-- as if he can’t believe how lucky he is to be the one guy in the world who gets to enjoy this unbelievably beautiful, inspiring woman.

That’s how I feel about my wife, too: I just can’t believe how lucky I am. She’s like a bottomless well of life and love, of faith and inspiration. However dull and dreary I become, Julia never fails to lighten my heart. I may doubt every other decision that I’ve ever made, but I never doubt that I love my wife, or that she loves me. Where I would be without her love, I don’t care to imagine.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mulligan Baby Set Free!

I just have to share...

Little Lina (Angelina Marianna) has been carried out of Ple*in and is in her Mama's arms!!

The first of our Mulligan Stew babes HAS BEEN SET FREE!! 

This picture just plain makes me want to break down too...



Monday, May 28, 2012

Bathed in Prayer

Two years ago we were frantically chasing papers to cross the ocean for a little boy whose picture had rocked our world.

Two years ago we were begging prayers from anyone we could find for him.

Two years ago our hearts were heavy and burdened for a little boy who had been transferred to a mental institute.

Two years ago we talked to everyone. Pressing his picture into their hands.  Begging them to put it on their refrigerator.  Imploring them to pray.

Pray for Aaron.

Pray for the little boy in the picture who was across the ocean and lost.

Pray that though he was down in the pit, facing the lions, that God would preserve him.

We begged.  We cried.  We shared his story wherever we went.

We handed out hundreds and hundreds of pictures.

To friends. To strangers.  Everywhere we went.

And God in His mercy heard those prayers. 

The first day we met him.... The first time his face broke into a smile.... we knew that God had answered those prayers.

Because our boy didn't just smile.

He burst into laughter.

On that first day. 

In the midst of such sorrow all around him.

He laughed.

Yes - he had deep deep scars.  Yes. 

But he was not broken. 

And two years later - we praise God for His mercy.

For His grace to our little son.

Our little boy who faced the lions but was not consumed. 

Two years ago we begged for prayers for our son.

And God heard.  And God answered.

When he came home, we assumed that the prayers had stopped.  His picture removed from refrigerators across the country. 

He was home.

End of story.

But this past weekend, I discovered that for two years our son, our precious son, has been bathed in prayer.

One family.  They didn't have access to our blog.  They didn't have our e-mail. 

All they had was a picture on their refrigerator of one little smiling boy in a striped shirt. 

Given to them by me at the Homeschooling Convention in North Carolina.

So faithfully they prayed.  EVERY DAY.  For the last two years they have prayed, and wondered, and hoped.  For two years they have lifted our son to the throne.

They bathed our Aaron in prayer.

When the convention opened, they came running to my booth... mother and daughter... running... wondering... hoping... begging for news of the little boy...  The little boy on their refrigerator.

I stood in shock and awe. 

I wanted to burst into tears right there on the Convention floor.

Hold them both in my arms.  

Thank them over and over and over again.

The love, compassion, concern and care for the orphan was evident in their eyes, their hearts. 

Oh for the church to be more like these two warriors. 

Praying without ceasing for the Least of These. They KNEW about adoption.  Mother. Daughter.  A relationship born not of birth but of choice and love and sacrifice.  Understanding the power of prayer.  Understanding the agony of the parent as they wait to cross the ocean.  Understanding what it means to be an orphan.

They knew so they prayed.

Lifting our little Aaron to the throne.

Day after day.

How sweet to know.  How precious to see.

Would that the church would step up and be to the orphan as this family has been to Aaron.

Praying without ceasing.  

Lifting our little guy to the throne......

Causing tears to leak from my eyes even as I write these words....


How precious are the prayers of the saints to the Father of the Fatherless.


The winner of the BiblioPlan e-reader is......JAMIE... Our journey to Eli blog!!!  Woo Hoo... Jamie is also adopting this precious treasure and they still need to raise money for their adoption BUT THEY GIVE... OVER AND OVER THEY GIVE.  

Someone want to give back to them???  Bless them for blessing the Jenks??  

Their grant account is HERE.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Sweet Men

Oh it is good to be home.

I've been gone too long from my sweet men...


Home Sweet Home!!

I am so thankful to see that the Jenks are within $500.00 of being fully funded... THAT IS AMAZING!! 

At our BiblioPlan booth we sold used books for this precious little guy...

Aaron and I counted up all the money for the books this morning and we raised $135.00!!

I put the money in his account this morning and now Shaun has OVER $4,000.00 DOLLARS!!



Stay tuned... I will be posting the winner of the e-reader book tomorrow... right now I am going to go enjoy being home with my family!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Still Room in the Bucket

I spent the day yesterday on my feet talking to more people than I can count about BiblioPlan.  All the while wondering in the back of my mind if the Jenks were receiving anything in their bucket for their two treasures.


They needed 6,500.00 yesterday morning.

How sweet to find out last night that IN LESS THAN 12 HOURS THEY HAD BEEN BLESSED WITH 4,000.00 DOLLARS IN GIFTS!!  Four thousand dollars in donations came in for the Jenks in ONE day!! 

For all of you who gave - whether it was five, ten, fifty, one-hundred or a thousand... THANK YOU!!  

 I chatted a bit with Rebecca on FB and she was a blubbering mess of course.  She was blown away by the outpouring of love for her wee ones.

This morning I am seeing that another 500 came in over the night.  

That means that the Jenks only need 2,000.00 to be fully funded.

So if you didn't get in on the action yesterday... there is still room in their bucket for a few more offerings - large or small.

If you donate... LET ME KNOW...  We are giving away a BiblioPlan e-reader of your choice!!  

Friday, May 25, 2012

Fatherless Friday and a Giveaway

Since I am at a Convention this week for BiblioPlan... we thought it would be fitting to GIVEAWAY one of our books....

keep on reading to find out details...



I love to see their tiny little selves sitting on the My Family Found Me Page.

I love that they will be rescued while still so young.

SYDNEY AND LUCIEN (who is a boy despite the pretty pink he is wearing) have been chosen.


Two very precious treasures.

Two little babes who will never ever see the inside of a mental institute.  

A Mama and a Papa who have their bags packed.  Tickets bought.  Travel plans in hand.  They are leaving in just a few short days.

Yet they are still thousands short.

Despite all their best efforts... fundraising like crazy... still short.

Makes me a bit crazy to see that they are thousands short when the tickets have been bought.

On this Fatherless Friday... Will you go help the Jenks finish the fundraising job so that they can cross the ocean without having to worry???

Drop a five, ten, twenty, fifty, hundred or thousand in their bucket.

This family, like so many others, has been vilified, accused and attacked for not having $28,000.00 in their bank account before answering the Holy Spirit's call.  

Thank the Lord that they didn't wait.  Praise God they stepped out in faith.  The reality these two littles ones would face if they were not chosen makes me sick on my stomach.

In only a few weeks these two fatherless babes are going to be nestled in the arms of loving parents.  How utterly sweet and precious is that thought.

Come on church.  Let's help this family!!


AND IF YOU HELP THEM...  If you drop a five, ten, twenty, fifty, hundred or thousand in their bucket....  and IF YOU LEAVE A COMMENT.... You will be entered to win YOUR CHOICE of one of our e-books.... You could choose the ANCIENT, MEDIEVAL (soon to be published), EARLY MODERN OR MODERN COMPANION TEXTBOOK!!

This Giveaway is only lasting for TWO DAYS!!  Friday and Saturday.  So hurry up and let's get the Jenks fully funded!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Face of Transfer

I'm off to North Carolina for a Homeschooling convention for BIBLIOPLAN.

Aaron keeps tally on my travels by telling me I will be  gone for TWO SWEEPS.

I'm going to miss my ornery little guy.  This is Aaron with his friend Kate!

The little stinker refused to smile for the camera!!

I'm leaving you with this picture.

A before transfer and an after transfer.

A little LOST GIRL who actually was dropped from the database this week.  We feared the worst.  

Thankfully she again appeared and is still available for adoption.


She is sadly ONLY available to Canadian families.  IS THERE A CANADIAN FAMILY READING THIS WHO WILL PLEASE GO GET HER???  Dear Lord.  

To those who want to silence us.

To those who think that these babes would be better off in their own country...

To those who think photolisting of orphans is terrible...

Look at this child.  Look at her.  

This is what transfer does to so many.  

This is for way too many treasures across the ocean... THE FACE OF TRANSFER.

We will not be silent.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


We must be doing something right.


We were slammed on a website that attacks those who advocate for the Reece's Rainbow kids.


 It isn't the first time.  It most likely won't be the last.

                                            Ivan                                                           Kristopher
$100.00                                           $127.30

I am saddened that there are those who would attack families who desire to adopt the 'least of those'.

                                            Kiril                                                           Frances
                                       $945.37                               $100.00      

 I am saddened too that by advocating for the families and for the children - we are considered dangerous.

Sawyer                                                               Vitaly
$375.20                                          $100.00

I am saddened but it isn't going to deter me.


There are way too many precious treasures out there laying in beds, sitting in sheds, tied to wheelchairs.  There are way too many.

We witnessed what transfer means for those treasures - for our Aaron. 

                                                       Marcus                                              Carter
                                              $2018.00                      $100.10

I can not be silent.

                                     Daniel                                                            Bobby
                           $3000.00                                $820.50

I will not be silent.

                                      Shaun                                                                 Kiril
                       $3432.80                                     $1475.00 

These babes need voices raised on their behalf.

  Ivan                                                   Ross
$4196.15                               $101.00



      OWEN                                                    Brody
$3039.00                                   $703.00

They desperately need us!



Please stand with me today.  Be their voice.  Help them.  $392.40 would get all the boys on this page over $100.00.  

Let's be slammed together!!

Let us NOT be silent!!  

We cannot be silent.


Goodness me... the Love shown to these boys in just a few hours!! THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE WHO HAVE WORKED TO GET THE SEVEN OVER 100.00...  

Also - Sasha and Niko at the top of the page both have a $3,000.00 grant at Project Hopeful that is available for them!!  SO SOMEONE  GO GET THEM!!  They had one family at one point but lost that family and both boys have waited and waited and waited....