Friday, May 25, 2012

Fatherless Friday and a Giveaway

Since I am at a Convention this week for BiblioPlan... we thought it would be fitting to GIVEAWAY one of our books....

keep on reading to find out details...



I love to see their tiny little selves sitting on the My Family Found Me Page.

I love that they will be rescued while still so young.

SYDNEY AND LUCIEN (who is a boy despite the pretty pink he is wearing) have been chosen.


Two very precious treasures.

Two little babes who will never ever see the inside of a mental institute.  

A Mama and a Papa who have their bags packed.  Tickets bought.  Travel plans in hand.  They are leaving in just a few short days.

Yet they are still thousands short.

Despite all their best efforts... fundraising like crazy... still short.

Makes me a bit crazy to see that they are thousands short when the tickets have been bought.

On this Fatherless Friday... Will you go help the Jenks finish the fundraising job so that they can cross the ocean without having to worry???

Drop a five, ten, twenty, fifty, hundred or thousand in their bucket.

This family, like so many others, has been vilified, accused and attacked for not having $28,000.00 in their bank account before answering the Holy Spirit's call.  

Thank the Lord that they didn't wait.  Praise God they stepped out in faith.  The reality these two littles ones would face if they were not chosen makes me sick on my stomach.

In only a few weeks these two fatherless babes are going to be nestled in the arms of loving parents.  How utterly sweet and precious is that thought.

Come on church.  Let's help this family!!


AND IF YOU HELP THEM...  If you drop a five, ten, twenty, fifty, hundred or thousand in their bucket....  and IF YOU LEAVE A COMMENT.... You will be entered to win YOUR CHOICE of one of our e-books.... You could choose the ANCIENT, MEDIEVAL (soon to be published), EARLY MODERN OR MODERN COMPANION TEXTBOOK!!

This Giveaway is only lasting for TWO DAYS!!  Friday and Saturday.  So hurry up and let's get the Jenks fully funded!!


  1. we donated! thank you so much for trying to help them get these babies home!!!

  2. Donated and shared! Thanks for helping the Jenks and for using Biblioplan to do it!

  3. Yes! Just donated. Last week I bought BP Ancients Guide/Planner e-book, and so I'd love a chance to win the Ancients companion!

  4. Just donated! I am so thrilled to know two more orphans will soon have a family!

  5. I dropped my bit in the bucket. Thanks for all you do, Julia, for His children. Faithfulness in action, despite the fiery darts is a beautiful thing to see!

  6. Donated and shared on my facebook page. Thank you for the chance to win one of these books! God bless you :)

  7. Donated on behalf of my mom who doesn't have Paypal but wanted to help :) And since we started homeschooling last semester, if she wins I get to keep the book! :)

  8. Julia, THANK YOU for sharing this. Thank you for highlighting the persecution that families suffer when they cannot magically come up with thousands of dollars to do this vital work. THANK YOU! You are an inspiration to me - really!

  9. I gave 40. Wish it could have been more. Shared on facebook too.

  10. I donated. Wish it could have been more.

  11. Donated! Also praying that you have a good time at the convention.

  12. Donated and shared. Praying for both of your families! Thanks for all you do for the fatherless but not Fatherless!


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